Filofax Lightbulb Moment!


That is a really odd title and I agree, however it is not without reason!

I have like most been really struggling with diary layouts for my Filofax and also my purse!

Recently I started using my Pocket Malden as my purse and it seemed to be working well, until I realised the weight of carrying both my personal and pocket Malden’s as well as everything else is just nuts and really taking it’s toll on my shoulders and back!  I needed to find a way to reduce the weight, but still be able to have it all with me!

Ping ‘lightbulb’ moment!  Why not make my Personal Malden my purse as well as my diary!  Of course!

But before I get into my current setup lets just recap what I have tried in 2011!  Beware this is picture heavy!

The year started with the lovely Day timer Flavia range in Page per Day!  As wonderful as they are to look at, practically they just weren’t doing the job, as much as I tried, and I sure tried!  I missed not seeing my weekly view and the spaces just weren’t big enough to record everything I wanted!

To overcome the not being able to see my weeks, I added :

Cream week on one page view!  LOVE the paper quality however after just a week or so of using it, I HATED the 5 languages!  Do I care what Monday is in anything other than English?   No I don’t!  It really bugs me that Filofax UK won’t do this paper colour and layout in English only!  So after a few weeks that got scrapped!

 Onto something new, but what?

Week on one page with a to do list between each week!  Great I thought, can see my week and have my to do’s for the week right to hand!  Heaven, I thought I have finally found the layout that works!  Or have I?  Surely it can’t be that easy?  Well of course it isn’t!

I soon realised the space to write in each day, just was not working!  How am I meant to fit everything in?  Not to worry I will try……………………………

Week on 2 pages in Cream.  Loving the paper quality again, and space, which is good, or so I thought!

How much does a girl need to record in a day?

Well looking at mine, one hang of a lot!

So after a few months I found myself yet again reassessing my Filofax setup and getting frustrated at the inability to find something that worked!  Or so I thought.

After rummaging round in my Filofax Stash, yes you read that right I have stash!  I found my 2010 2 pages per day layout!  Argh I thought lets give this ago!

I think I have finally cracked it!

I am currently using these and also a week on one page in English and loving it!

I have enough space to monitor EVERYTHING I need to, as well as my to do’s and it just seems to work!  I am not even tempted to think of another layout right now!  The only down side, is that this refill is £20.50, which is a alot of money, but when I see how much I have spent over the last year to FINALLY get to a layout I enjoy, it really isn’t that much!

I have also yesterday drawn up some 2 days per page layouts, just to see if I can maybe use these instead of 2 pages per day, but I am not sure it is going to plan!

So this is my current setup:

Crimson Personal Malden

2 pages per day layout

week on one page layout

Now I also went a bit made on Pilot Fixion Pens in early 2011, if you remember?  Here is the picture if you don’t!

I do like these pens, but I HATE having to carry so many pens around with me!

With the Bic 4 colour pens I am able to carry all the colours, purple, pink, light green, turquoise, red, black, green and blue in just 2 pens and better still in my Malden!  I am now over the fact that I hate crossings out in my diary!  If I have to cross something out if it changes so be it!  It reflects, that life does change, so why shouldn’t your diary and show it?!?!?!

I also decided to put my credit cards in my Personal Malden and use it as a wallet / diary!  I don’t need to carry my envelopes around for the cleaners, windows and zumba as those are activities that always take place at home.  The only envelopes I need are other and Mcdonald’s and they fit into my makeup / pill bag.

I have the Filofax postit pad holder at the front, then I have the 2 credit card holders I bought today next and then it goes into my planner etc.  I love it.  For me it just makes sense!

Rather full isn’t, but oh how I love it!

Have I found my perfect working diary?  I think I have, but then again never say never!  I am sure one day I will see someone else’s layout and think, ‘Oh that could work!’  But in the meantime I shall continue with my current setup till Sept 24th when I meet my other Filofax friends in London and can discuss before heading off to stock up on my 2012 refills!

Before I end off, here is the stash I bought today!  Oh I do so LOVE the PURPLE limited edition Bic 4 colour grip pens!


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  1. Glad that you have found a set-up that works for you. I think my demands keep changing as my life changes (fluctuations in family, work and life commitments). LOVE the purple BIC 4 colour pen (serious pen envy) – not seen them before (I use the regular 4 colour BIC pen). Looking forward to meeting up in September and sharing ideas.

  2. Great post!!! I would love to know where you got your purple limited edition Bic 4 colour pens from, I can’t find them anywhere 😦

  3. OMG WHERE can I find that purple BIC pen? Your filo is fab, am lusting after the Malden (and now the purple BIC too!!)

  4. Very interesting, thanks for your post 🙂
    I also have a crimson personal Malden & was considering using it as a kind of clutch bag occasionally. You’ve given me lots to think on, thanks.

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