What have I been upto?


People always say that time flies when you are having fun, but I have to be honest and say time for me is just flying!

I wish I could just stop some days, catch my breath, re-evaluate and carry on!  But that shan’t happen so I just keep going with the chaos and see where it gets me!  Most days it gets me doing quite a lot, others I feel tired, lethargic, fed up, stressed, happy, elated, loving life, oh the mixture of emotions!

So what have I been doing since my last post?

Well I have been plodding away on my other blog :- http://sharonsnotshopping.blogspot.com/ detailing my life on the Fab Frugal Challenge.  A challenge it certainly is but one I am embracing and enjoying!

I have been doing really well with my gym attendance and general exercise, I am really proud of myself,  although I am not sure I can manage 5 sessions a week, just because it sort of throws my week!  So I will continue doing Mon, Thurs, Sat at Gym with Wed being Zumba and in Sept when Luke starts Nursery I will do a Friday morning as well at gym!  To be honest I just need to really look at when I get my sessions in and the best timing for me!

Crafting, I have been doing a bit of crochet and mainly cross stitch!  I started this last week :-

  I am really enjoying stitching this, mainly because Lizzie Kate designs seem to go so quickly!  However I do struggle a bit as it is stitched on Linen (2×2) and so I really need to concentrate.  So I tend to not do it in the evenings and instead only work on it at the weekends!  that being the case it will be taking me a while todo, but I need to speed it up as I have a Christmas present to stitch that I haven’t even started! LOL!

A few months ago I bought some Drops Muskat yarn :-

As I decided I need some colour in my life, I started my Hexagon blanket!  My idea is to make 6 hexagons out of each colour, making a total of 90 and joining them in a blanket.  I am currently doing Round 1, which is time consuming but I am enjoying it and it seems to go quickly.  I will then do Round 2 and 3 and join them together on Round 4!

Not sure how long this project will take, but I am enjoying it, so I don’t really mind!

Ok, that seems to be my craft update (another one!) so I shall leave it there.

Please do go and check out my other blog http://sharonsnotshopping.blogspot.com/ as I really could do with the following!


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