Graze Box!


I have had these wonderful boxes before, last year!  I decided to give them a go when I was doing Cambridge Diet and as I fell off the wagon so spectacularly I never really got on with them.

Roll forward 12 months and I am back again to try them once more!  This time though, I am calorie counting and as these boxes come with all the nutritional information you will need and they are portioned controlled I thought I would give them another go!

So this morning, this arrived on my doorstep!

  Is that my Graze box I see?

 Doesn’t it look good?

My box today is the nibble box and contained :-

Apple and Cinnamon flapjacks

Green olives with fresh basil & garlic

The herb garden

Sticky chocolate pudding!

Here are the flapjacks and I can confirm they are absolutely scrummy!

As these had the highest calories in my box this week, I decided to eat them first as I had done the exercise today to counteract them! LOL!  Don’t you love my thinking!

This is the information booklet that comes with the order.

I love the quality of the paper it is printed on and also the fact that it is actually addressed to me personally!  I love personal touches!

All the nutritional information about the box is contained inside!


Originally when I signed up I went for just one a week being delivered on Monday’s, but I decided today, that I should have one delivered on Thursday as well!  That was I have a punnet a day and an extra one for the weekends!  So I am going to give that a go for a while, if I find I am not eating all of it, I will reduce it back down to 1 box a week.

At the moment I get the nibble box on a Monday and the eat well box on a Thursday!

This is such a great idea and is suitable for everyone whether you work from home, in an office, travel alot, have kids, it is just so neat to have snack punnets already packaged etc to hand, rather than having to go to the corner shop and buy something or rummage through the kitchen!

If you wish to give a go, why not use this code : – V9F5RPB  and you get your first box for free and the second one at half price!

Or use this link :-

If you do use the code please let me know how you get with them!


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