Craft Update – July ’11


I can’t believe that I am still on track to do a project a month for the year of 2011!  I have gone slightly off my original list, but as long as projects are getting done, I really don’t mind!

So for the month of May I completed, this Father’s Day card :-

 I never managed to get all the back stitch done, but I still think it looks rather cute!

Towards the end of May I started another cross stitch, that was not on my 2011 CJC list but I managed to finish this in the month of June, keeping me on track!

Winter Wishes, this matches my Peace to All cross stitch pretty well!

So that is where I am on projects so far!

Plodding along nicely I’d say, although I am keen to start some new ones this week, so watch this space!



I have since started this project :-

 It is a lovely Lizzie Kate chart and so far it is going really well, although I wish I could focus more on it!  I tend to always think of other things I should be doing instead of stitching!  But I am enjoying it, when I go get the chance to work it!

    These are two other charts that I have all the stash for, which I am hoping to do at some point this year.  I just love Lizzie Kate!

I have also indulged in a few kits, but they were before I started my challenge, which you can follow here :-  If you want to see how I am doing!  Of course the new kits are African themed, naturally and they are :-

  Anchor kit that was about to be discontinued, and I just had to get it.   The stupidity of it is, I bought this kit off Ebay but it was partially done, and I did not like the way it had been stored or anything about it, and as I had the other two in the series, Zebra and Giraffe, I decided I needed a new kit, if I was ever going to get it done, so I bought it!  The other kit, is by Maia and is this one :-

  I have been watching this one for well over a year now and have always wanted it, then I saw it at a great price, that I couldn’t pass up and bought it, again BEFORE my challenge!

So that is my craft update at the moment!


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