Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor!


Seeing as I have covered Filofax’s and Mobile Phones I just couldn’t let pass the opportunity to talk about my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)!

When I exercise there are 2 things that I really enjoy!

1. competing with myself and always making sure I work out better than the previous time I was in, and

2. details!

Yes I love to know how many calories I burnt, how long did I exercise for, what was my heart rate, etc, etc.

So I looked into various options of devices I could go with.

First off I looked at the Ki Fit system, which is totally awesome, but boy does it come with an awesome price tag!  You have 3 options to buy this system :-

1. a one off payment of £300+ which gives you the equipment and a yearly subs

2. £99 initial payment and then (based on 12 mths) £20.87 p/mth

3. £199 for the equipment and then £10.87 p/mth

The subscription fee is so you can download all the data off the device, and it is great.  You wear it 24/7 except with bathing and swimming and it monitors, calories burnt, duration exercising, sleep patterns, the whole thing!  But at those prices, a little out of my price range!

The other snag about it, is, if you buy it and use it for 1 yr then decide actually no I don’t want the subscription, well you may as well through away the device because there is no other way to get the data off, so they kinda have you!

I pushed that idea out my head very quickly, when I saw those numbers and decided a HRM was the way to go!  But which one?

Have you ever tried to buy a HRM?  Where do you start?  I started with a post on Twitter, and anyway I eventually settled on the Polar FT7.

This is a great little piece of equipment.  The strap is no longer the hard plastic one it used to be, but is instead leather, and the transmitter now clips onto it, making it so much more comfortable to wear under a bra.

I went for the Red / Sliver version as this is being sold as the ladies version and I really like the colour combination.

I received it on Monday 27th June and promptly used it for my next gym session on the Tuesday.  It was great and gave all the details I had been looking for :

Total work out time

Total calories burnt

Minutes in fat burning

Minutes in fitness

Average heart rate

Maximum heart rate

This truly is a great piece of kit and for the bargain price of £68.99 is totally worth getting!


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