HTC Wildfire S


I have now swopped from Filofax posts to Mobile Phone posts, aren’t I just a bag full of surprises!

I have been running a Blackberry for well over 3yrs now and to say I have gotten a little bored of it is an understatement.  Whilst I still think Blackberry email is the best out there, the lack of apps and useless internet viewing capabilities was really getting to me. Especially as I also run an iTouch and found all my apps were on there and so tended to use that for everything except make phone calls for obvious reasons!  (No phone other than Face Time in case you were wondering!)  But I don’t like walking round with too many gadgets on me.

As I am still in contract, yes darling Vodafone must sign you up for 24mths these days in order to get the most out of you, I couldn’t upgrade my phone for another 9mths.  After doing some investigation I realised that I have a really good package for the money I pay and to get that package now would cost me £18 more a month.  As I am on a  frugal challenge I wanted to find a way to cut my current phone costs.  My costs are not cut in the short term but in the long term they are!

My options were :-

1. buy myself out of my current contract at a cost of £200 and then buy a new handset and if I go Android or Iphone take off the monthly BB charge of £5 per month,

2. if I waited till the end of my contract in Jan I could upgrade, with a reduced cost of a handset but then I would be tied in for another 24mths!

3. buy a new handset outright, remove the BB package off my current tariff and ride out my contract, then at the end remain on contract but not actually signed in for any duration, if you see what I mean?

4. ride out my contract then go PAYG!

I thought long and hard about this and finally settled on buying a new phone, the HTC Wildfire S in Purple (of course!) for £180, then taking off the BB part of my package and riding out my contract for the next 9months.  At the end of 9 months I shall reassess my situation and see if it actually isn’t better for me to go PAYG.

I know you are thinking I am nuts, but I love APPS and I love my phone and it suits me so well to have it all in one device.  Iphone cost is out the window, the contract deals are nuts and to buy outright are crazy!

So I know run an HTC Wildfire S and I love!  Honestly I never thought I would, but I do!  Ok, so I do run out of internal memory sometimes, because I run so many apps, but that is easily sorted!  The speaker phone usage is crystal clear, the phone quality is miles and miles better than my BB.  The email side is not as good, but hey, I still get my emails, in a format I can read and I can still deal with work things outside of my office, so I am happy!

The apps available are great, and I have taken the approach, to try and use all the standard apps that came with the phone, ie calendar, I am using HTC calendar rather than downloading another one! SMS messages I am running the standard Message program rather than Handcent SMS, still works just as well!

I am overall really happy with this phone.  I have found some great apps, however I am missing one, that I just can’t find and that is a good Money Tracking app, so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments section!

Best of all………………….my phone is PURPLE!


I did get a great little cover off Ebay for it, of course also in Purple, but it just protects the phone so well!

So if you are considering an Android phone and don’t want to spend the big bucks, this is a great entry level phone and I highly recommend it!


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  1. I am in Australia – I just bought one – I cannot use it!!! instruction booklet is c..p!!!!!

    HTC instructions on the web freeze my computer – I am going nuts

  2. hi shazza, how did you get the memory issues sorted? bought this phone for my fiance recently and she has problems with running low on space (but loves the phone!)

    olivia – am from Australia too! what help do you need with the HTC?

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