New Me!


Today was a pretty big day for me!  I decided enough was enough with my current hairstyle and it had to go!

I have had long hair, on and off since arriving in the UK in ’98, mainly it has been long, but recently I have noticed that I actually don’t do anything with it.  I tie it up every day, because I hate the frizz, the curls are awful and it is too hot round my neck!

Drastic measures call for drastic action and today was certainly drastic action!

Here I am at about 830am before venturing out the house!

 This is pretty much how my hair has been for the last 4 years at least!  Every day, how boring!

Or it has been like this!  Generally the front is always clip away from my face at least!

Enough is enough I thought and as July is the month of all change for me, what better way to start this adventure (which you can read about here by the way! ) than with a new looking me!

So here is the last shot of my current length hair!

When I see it like that I think it looks so nice! Oh but in reality!!!!

45 mins later it looked like this :-


 The finished cut!

I love it!  I feel lighter, happier, look younger (I think anyway) and am just all round thrilled with it!

I have to admit, when I sat in the chair in the salon and said right cut, I did almost have a tear in my eye because it is just such a big change and step to take!  But I am so thrilled I did it!

Luke, wasn’t sure though.  He came to the hairdresser when I was almost finished, because him and Simon were having haircuts and he literally walked in, looked at me, asked where Mommy was, looked at me again, then I spoke and he said ‘Oh Mommy, where is your hair!  It looks so pretty!’  Gosh I love my son!

So this is now me!  I certainly have had a day of pampering!  Facial and back massage this morning, followed by transformation this afternoon!  Things can only get better!

Ok enough about my hair now! LOL!


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