Cake Baking and Strawberry Picking!


Now that is quite a combination isn’t it?

I have always wanted to go strawberry picking, ever since I moved to the UK in 1998, but for one reason or another never went.  Well last weekend (26th June) we decided to take Luke.  Oh it was great fun!  Just being outside in the fresh air, picking glorious, scrumptious strawberries, what could be better?

 Can you believe he never pinched any before paying!

  Supervising Daddy!

  Onto the raspberries now!

  Thirsty work all this fruit picking!

As you can see, we had great weather and a great setting which made it, naturally a great time!

Earlier that day, I decided to back some cupcakes, as one usually does on a Sunday! LOL!  Luke needed to help Mummy and whilst he is good at cracking an egg, I think the only real reason he helps is so he can lick the bowl!  Here is my proof!









 I think you see my point!








A lovely weekend with my son, certainly treasured times!


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