Flex by Filofax


There was alot of hype in June about the Flex by Filofax system that had been launched.

I watched from the sidelines ever so quietly, pondering if I would us it and if so how?

After much thought I decided to get one, as the thought of carting my Personal Malden around was just too much, considering how heavy it has become.  So I bought the Pocket Flex in Pocket size.

  (Not a great picture, sorry!)

I bought all the refills for it as I wasn’t sure what I use or how I would set it up!  I have decided that actually it is a little small for my day to day running and also I don’t like that the pages are not pre-punched to be able to use with a Filofax!

The Flex is now setup as my Challenge Diary, so I record any spend in there, my total calories eaten, calories burned through exercise and how I feel!

The Flex is a great concept and I do like it, however I do think there is room for improvement!

I won’t be buying any further Flex systems, not only because of my no spending challenge but because I love the flexibility of a Filofax.

I have now gone through my Malden and made it much easier to carry round, lighter but it is perfect for me and no matter what other layouts or sizes I try, for some reason I always come back to a personal Filofax!


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  1. I feel like the hype and excitement made me want it and now i feel like its not as good and i feel like i wish i didnt buy it, just as i miss the rings etc…..im sure i will use it and will fall in love with it but you know 😦 x

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