Bags! In particular my Zero Messenger Bag from Rickshaw!


As most people know, a lady can never have too many bags and I am one of those ladies!  I am always searching for the perfect bag, but like a Filofax I think I may never find it!

I had been admiring the Zero Messenger Bag from Rickshaw in the States for quite some time, but the postage cost to me in Mud Island, was almost as much as the bag, so it never really progressed and remained a ‘I would love to have!’

That was of course until my dear family went to San Francisco in April, and suddenly realising they were in the same town as Rickshaw Bags, I could not pass up the opportunity to order a bag and have them collect it for me!  Which is exactly what I did!

Rickshaw has this great facility on their website where you can customise your bag to the colour combination you want!  But be careful!  I did this with my first bag and what I thought would turn out purple actually came out brown!

  This is the picture they sent me when my bag had been made so I could see it!  Looks lovely doesn’t it?

However here it is in my photo, and a more realistic photo, to be fair!

  Ignore the bag behind that will be explained later, however you can see that the colour came out totally different!

To say I was gutted was an understatement!  I had waited SO LONG for this bag and it was not perfect!  I emailed there customer service the minute I got it, and explained my dissatisfaction and I have to say…………………


They offered straight away for me to return the bag and they give me a refund, but as I had used it over the weekend, I said I would keep it, but just order another!

They did a very good compensation deal for me, and I am more than thrilled!

Now to sizing!

I had originally ordered the small zero messenger, which I found is great for when it is just me going out, however when I have Luke in tow it really doesn’t hold enough, so I decided to order the medium size!  Wow what a difference!  The medium is huge!!

  Outside of the medium zero in Iris with Peacock binding!  Isn’t it lovely?

  Inside of the bag!  I am so in love with this colour combination!

  Now you can see the size difference between the small and the medium!  Quite a difference wouldn’t you say?

These are lovely bags and if you want to check out more details about them please visit their website :-


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