Africa Alive – May 1st ’11


I love Africa Alive!  It is the one place I can feel like I am just a little bit back home, even if just because of the name!

May 1st we decide to take Luke, because under 3’s get in for free and as he was still technically 2 we couldn’t miss out!  We had a lovely day there, and I am sure Luke enjoyed it, as you can see from the pictures below!

  Can’t go to an African park and not bang the bongo drums!

  Spotting the train in the distance!

  What child doesn’t enjoy chasing ducks!  I know what you are thinking, not many African animals for an African animal park, but there are!

  LIONS! Yippee!

  A rare Luke and Mummy picture on the little train, about to depart for a ride around the park!

  Time to play on the swings and give someones little legs a rest!

We had a wonderful family day out, that shall be repeated again in the not to distant future.

They really do have a wonderful selection of African animals including, Rhino, Zebra, Giraffe and a whole host more!


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