Disneyland Paris – June 6th to 10th


Way back in January, Si and I decided that our holiday this year we would take Luke to Disneyland.  Florida seemed too far for the amount of time we had available, so the next best option was Disneyland Paris.  I have wanted to go there for a while, mainly because I have seen the Florida one and wanted to compare!

So Jan ’11 we booked, 4nights 5 days!  The countdown had begun…………………..

I am now on the other side of the holiday and we had a lovely time!  Luke was in complete awe of it all!

We caught the Eurostar from Ashford and I have to say what a great mode of transport!  Yes I know it is a train and I have traveled trains before, however we had premium class seats on the way out and the service was great.  We received breakfast on the train and the seats were alot wider and only 3 seats across, instead of in standard class which has 4 seats across.

   Luke waiting for the train to leave the station!

Our journey time was about 2 and a half hours I think, I never timed it! LOL!  I was really nervous about going through the tunnel as I am not good in confined spaces and sure as eggs, what happened, we stopped in the middle of the tunnel!  At least not for long and we soon got going again, but it really unnerved me!  Once I realised that the actual tunnel bit was not long, I was fine.

We arrived right at the entrance to the Disney Park, which I thought was great, especially for those with little children in tow!  Because we had taken the Disney Express service option, when we arrived, we gave our bags to the Disney Express service and they took our luggage to our hotel, ready for when we checked in later.  Likewise when we left, we checked out of the hotel and gave them our luggage and when we were ready to check into our train home, our luggage was already at the station.  Awesome service!

  Literally as you walk out of the station you are in Disney.  The Village has all the restaurants, then you opposite is the entrance to the Park and Walt Disney Studios.

It was very cloudy when we arrived and as the weather had predicted rain the week we were there we weren’t too optimistic that it would get any better.  Well it did and out of our 5 days it maybe rained for just 1, so not too bad!

The Park is very much like Florida, but on a smaller scale.  We actually did all of it in 4 days but at a nice leisurely pace!

If I were to go again I would say that 3 nights 4 days is more than enough to get all parks etc done.

We tended to do our week as follows :-

Monday we arrived about 1340hrs, and went straight to DisneyLand Park and spent the afternoon there,

Tuesday we did Walt Disney Studio’s – which was good as it rained some of that day and so it was good to have things to do inside!

Wednesday, we went back to the Park and did it more thoroughly, even managing to do some rides for a second time.  We also had breakfast with the characters on Wednesday, which Luke loved!

Thursday, we were back in the Studios, redoing things that Luke really enjoyed or that we missed the first time,

Friday we did both parks, as we had made a list of what we wanted to really do for a last time and focused on that, which was a good strategy!

The park was very expensive, especially as we were paying nearly £1 = 1 Euro!

I bought 3 magnum ice-creams, a bottle of water and a packet of crisps and that came to 16 Euros!

Food in general was pricey, but we tended to really stock up at breakfast and that lasted us till dinner, but I did take some crisps and snack-a-jacks from the UK that kept us going during the day.  Because we were walking so much, for some reason we really weren’t as hungry as we usually are!

I loved our week away.  Luke was in total awe with all of it from the start, but I have to say that by day 5 I think even he had seen enough of Mickey Mouse! LOL!

I have posted alot of pictures to my Facebook account so if you want to see my holiday please check out that account.  However I will post a few here to give you an idea!

  1st on arrival!

  Gotta have a picture of the castle!

  Mummy and Luke on the Mad Hatter Tea Cup ride!  Luke loved this ride so much we ended up going on it about 3 or 4 times!

  Peter Pan live show, we stumbled upon on the first day!

  Luke waiting for the parade.  Could not believe we had to get our seat 45mins before the parade started just to make sure we could see it, so popcorn was our life saver, keeping Luke quiet!

But the parade was so worth it, and we watched it every time we were in the park!

  Luke’s first visit with Mickey!

  Out of the whole holiday this is my favourite picture!  Luke decided that Woody needed to sit and have lunch with him, so he went and found him, grabbed his hand and brought him back to the table where, he told him to sit!  Hence this picture!  I was so proud of him, he knew what he wanted and he went and got it!  He then decided that Mickey needed to sit him and you guessed it………………………….

  Mickey got dragged to our table as well!

There were so many rides, etc that we did and that Luke loved, especially, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Slinky Dog, Cars, Driving 1950’s cars and many more.

The whole experience is well worth doing with our without children.

Don’t forget to see more of my pictures please check my Facebook or Flickr  accounts!


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