Birthdays!!!!!!! (picture heavy!)


Seems like an age since it was Luke and mine’s birthday, but of course it has only been a few weeks!

As you surely know by now my son was born the day before my birthday and whilst everyone keeps saying how wonderful it is, in reality, it is pretty crap!  Bad planning on our part that is for sure!  But hey I can’t really change it now can I!

So another year and again my birthday is overshadowed by Luke’s and I have to be honest and say I feel really resentful about it!

Luke’s birthday fell on a  Thursday this year and so he was packed off to Nursery as usual and then we had swimming in the afternoon.  Of course the difference was he got a present in the morning, and then had 3 birthday cakes throughout the day!

 There were presents to start with!

  The first present of the day, the large gift was to be given at his birthday party!

     2 of the 3 cakes, I forgot to take a picture of the small Buzz Lightyear cake!  These were used at Nursery!

 Birthday dinner, his favourite, spaghetti and meatballs.  Yes he can use his fork, but birthday treat he was allowed to use his hands!

  Getting ready to blow out the candle!

  The big blow!

Between Luke’s birthday and his party, was of course my birthday!  My day did not start too well!  I decided to travel to Peterborough to spend the day with my family, but the traffic on the A14 was just a nightmare and it took me a little over 3hrs to get there!  But I have to say it was worth the wait!  Why?  Because look what was waiting for me……………………………………

 A wonderfully large cupcake cake!  Isn’t it lovely?

I did get my Kindle, which I am thrilled about, and my family got me my lighted Kindle cover, an FM transmitter for my iTouch and I had bought myself a skin for my Kindle.

  Front of my new cover from DecaGirl

  Back of cover

  Lighted Amazon Kindle cover

  All set up!  Love it!

I did have a good day, and some lovely gifts from dear friends as well!  The only thing I never got was a dinner out!  Oh well, maybe next year!

So that was Friday sorted, onto Saturday and Luke’s birthday party!

My brother traveled back with me on Friday night to help me on Saturday as Si had to Luke to Little Kickers and I wanted to get the food collected, decorations up, table sorted all by the time he got back and my parents arrived!  As with all my planning it went to perfection!  LOL!

  Inspecting the big present, what could it be…………………..

  First time on his new bike!  Can’t believe he looks confident already!

  Out riding his new bike and loving it!

He got so many lovely presents from everyone and had a wonderful day!  I love seeing my little boy not only grow up but so happy and loved by all!

Here are pictures of his ‘official’ birthday cake!

  The one and only Lightening McQueen from Disney Cars!

    I really have set a tradition now, because each year Luke gets an awesome cake, for his first birthday he had Noah’s Ark, last year was a Fire Engine, and believe it or not I am already starting to think of next years cake, because I can’t let traditions die!

So our birthday’s are over for another year, and my darling little boy is now 3 and as adorable as ever.  I just hope that one day, my birthday will have signifance again, but till then I am getting used to sharing it with one of the most significant people in my life!

Belated Happy 3rd Birthday Luke!


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  1. My late father and I both shared 12th of March as our birthdays. What a birthday present I was!! But it didn’t seem to matter with us. I suspect my Dad got more cards than normal because people knew it was my birthday as well as his.

    Since his death my birthday isn’t quite so special any more.

    Looks like Luke had a very special birthday and your present looks nice too. I’m erring towards getting a Kindle myself.

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