On my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days was to sell something on Ebay.

I have always been a little skeptical to sell on Ebay as I never thought I would actually have anything that others would want!

How wrong was I?

I have so far sold a whole host of magazines, books, cross stitch kits and other bits and bobs and I am thrilled.  It is so easy to do, however there is a real down side to it………………………..

The additional fees you don’t realise you loose when you sell something!

I wouldn’t say you make a lot of money on there, or at least I didn’t but I did make some.  I never took into account the cost of postage (in some cases my p&p charge just covered it!), cost of envelopes to post item in!, fees to Paypal for receiving payment via them, and of course the fees to Ebay for selling on them!  Luckily I never paid the insertion fees because I started all auctions at just 99p!

But saying that some good things have come out of it, and they are :-

1. I have decluttered (still have alot more to do!!)

2. I did make some money

3. I managed to buy a few lovely goodies for myself out of the profits!

4. I really enjoyed experiencing the excitement watching the bidding going up on items I am selling!

I have had such a positive experience that I shall be listing more items, just as soon as I get myself sorted!

So if you want or need to declutter and not sure what to do with the items you are throwing away, why not list them on Ebay and see if you can get anything for them?


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