My son is almost 3…….


how did that happen?

In just 10 days time my darling son will be turning 3.  I can’t believe he is growing up so fast!  It is the same old cliche that everyone says, but it is so true!  I struggle to even remember what he was like as a baby, and I see the pictures round the house and think is that really my son!

A quick run down of how he has grown :-

  The day or rather night he was born!  May 19th 2008!

 I love this picture of my brother cradling Luke.  I look at Luke now and can’t believe he actually fitted in his arms like that!

 Opening his birthday presents on his first birthday!  Laughing at Mummy, because of course I obviously made silly faces again!

 His first real injury on his eye lid of all places!

  Mummy and Luke at his 1st birthday party!  I love this picture!

  Luke and Mummy at his 2nd birthday party, just not as good as the one above!

  Explorer Luke at Africa Alive off to chase the ducks!

I can’t believe how he has grown!

We are currently at the potty training stage!   Which I think if I was more focused on we would cracked already, however I think I am the one holding him back.  So on Saturday, I decided after having been in town all morning, that the afternoon would be spent in big boy pants and we shall see what happens.  Well he was excellent.  Only 2 accidents and he took himself off to the potty sometimes as well.  So a few more days and I am sure we will crack it!

We also took him to watch Speedway for the first time over the Bank Holidays, not a good idea.  He was not interested in it at all, so we shall be giving that a miss for a while!

We have been having such good weather the last month that we have done a few outings, which have been great fun!

 Mummy and Luke enjoying Aldeburgh Beach (more like pebbles!)

  Enjoying his pork kebab at the Police Dog Trials!

  Enjoying the ride at the local Easter Egg Hunt.

We also took him to Africa Alive near Lowestoft, that he absolutely loved.  I love that attraction purely because it is African themed, so I was in my element and I am so glad that Luke had a wonderful day as well!  Here we are on the little train!

I am one very proud Mummy, I have an adorable little boy and whilst yes he can push buttons, like I am sure all children can, I would not change anything!

He is the best thing I have ever done in my life, and makes me so proud each and every day!


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  1. They start to become a lot more interesting at that age, their knowledge grows every day, always asking questions and constant chattering!

    Two more years and he will be at school!

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