General Filofax Update!


The Philofaxy community seemed to be buzzing recently about Malden Filofax’s.  Being someone who when I first saw them thought, ‘Hmm, ok, but not my first choice!”  I never really paid too much attention.

Until dear Caribbean Princess, over here :- happened to mention that City Organiser was having a special offer on the Personal Malden in Crimson.  I’ll take a browse I thought, what harm can it do???????????????  Then I saw they had a Facebook page that mentioned a further 20% discount if I used a certain code!  Needless to say that code was used and yes, I succumbed and bought the Malden!  At a price of less than 50% it could not be left!

Ah the smell of leather when it comes out the box is just AMAZING!!!!!  When I first opened it I though, ‘Hmm doen’t lie 100% flat, I don’t like the inside zip, not sure I want it!’

Then I decided, to give it a go, and set it up!  Oh and I love it!  It is so soft, and subtle and the zip doesn’t hinder me at all, and it now lies 100% flat and oh it is just perfect!

Now I can hear the sniggers, oh she failed at her challenge!!!!  Well in fact, no I didn’t because my Metropol is still in use on a daily basis with the same inserts but is just my daily journal now, that I write in each night!  Hee hee I found a way round it!

My Malden has my Week on 2 pages in Cream, which is pretty awesome and working really well for me, then I have the usual stuff I did have in the Malden, however it is not stuffed full and not stretched and I am VERY, VERY, happy!

So happy in fact I scouted Ebay for a Pocket Malden, on the off chance and BAMN I found one, brand new in the box, 75% off the shop price, and it was MINE!  I thought I would use it as my travel Filofax, but then when I got it, I can’t do it!  I don’t want it to get scratched and I don’t want to stretch it, and I don’t want to force large pieces of paper in the back pocket, and I don’t my coins to stretch the front pocket, so that idea was quickly abandoned and my Urban Pocket in Slate remained my Travel Filofax.  That one I don’t mind if it gets dealt with hard it can sustain it.  Whilst my Malden is class, I don’t want it ruined!!!!!  So it very well could become my Filofax I use when I go out, who knows.  At the moment it is in it’s box meeting its other Filofax friends and getting acquainted!

Only ONE more Filofax purchase confession to air!!!!  Whilst buying the Personal Malden, I noticed at the Ultra Violet A5 Domino was also on offer and of course with a further 20% off it too fell into my basket!  With good reason!  I needed a new A5 as my gym filofax.

  The photo really doesn’t do the colour justice!  This has now become my WIP Filofax for all my craft items, and my Red A5 Domino is now my Health Filofax!

I don’t feel bad with these purchases, as I have had a massive Filofax clearout recently and if it wasn’t gonna be used, or it wasn’t leather I have sold it, with exception to my Domino’s as they are just such good quality cheap Filofax’s.


(unless of course the Amethyst Deco has a crazy low price!!!!)


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  1. hahahahaha! Sharon not one but 3 new filofaxes! And you got ANOTHER 20% off the Malden. I am vexed now! Do they still have that deal? I may need to get myself a pocket. 😉 But I am glad that I enabled you as it is a wonderful filofax to use.

    Anyways I also plan on making a similar declaration re filofax purchases. But I have replaced it with handbag shopping which DH thinks may be worse!

    Have a great Sunday 🙂

  2. Fantastic new setup for your blog! My blog is in the works–or will be once summer arrives.

    Such deals on the marvelous Malden! I crave a personal in black, but might settle for a pocket if I can catch a deal like yours! I really want a mini Malden–will have to wait on that one to arrive here.

    That A5 is so pretty. We have the standard colors only here in the US. 😦 Looking forward to your gym-o-fax post in that yummy Filo!

  3. Congrats on the Crimson Malden (and your other purchases). I just got the Crimson as well- it is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see more about how you have yours set up 🙂

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