Slimline Adelphi


Another bargain I found on Ebay this week was the Slimline Adelphi!  Although the seller listed the item as Magenta, which certainly got my heart racing, especially for the price, when it arrived it was in face Scarlet.

At first I was rather annoyed but actually I am really loving the Scarlet.  Again this bargain was 50% less than the shop price, brand new and one I just could not pass up!

Isn’t she lovely?  Am I using her?  I thought I had a challenge I needed to complete?  Well, yes, yes and yes!

I weighed my Metropol the other day and it is just short of 700gms, along with all the other stuff I carry in my bag, it is just nuts, and having a  bad back I really need to start reducing the weight and size of my handbag!

So yes, I am using the Slimline, as my going out Filofax.  It houses my Week on One Page diary with the to do lists for the that week, along with telephone numbers and some blank pages and that is it!

I thought about this very strongly before I bought it, and I actually never look at my list of books to read, or my craft WIP’s when I am out, so why the heck do I insist on carrying them round with me!  Also do I really need my Uncle in Zimbabwes address with me 24/7 when I never write to him anyway?

So on MEDICAL grounds I am now using 2 Filofax’s therefore not breaking my challenge!

My Metropol is my at home Filofax, and is with me all the time, when reading magazines, searching the web, updating things, as all my info is in there, as well as my Day on One Page layout, which is now open on my desk every day, so I know where I am etc.

The Slimline lives in my handbag when I go out, and when at home it is used in the afternoon when I need to go through my to do list.

Saying that I have a daily to do list in my Metropol, for things that need to be done that day, naturally and a weekly one in my Slimline that are done when I get a spare minute, and so far it is working great!

I have even managed to downscale my bag back to my Kipling New Raisin bag (see below) :-

<em>Kipling</em> Women's <em>New Raisin</em> Shoulder Bag (Across Body) Yes it is red as well to match my Filofax!

from this size bag :-

 Summer Blossom Messenger Bag Cath Kidston Messenger Bag,

Rather huge, wouldn’t you say!

Ok, I know I have ordered a Rickshaw Messenger bag, and here it is (still waiting for it, as only getting it in May after family go to the States!)

this will be used mainly on holidays though I fear, or it may not, have to wait to till I get it!

But I digress!  The Slimline fits perfectly in my Kipling bag and I have with me just what I need whilst out!  Therefore the challenge is still going strong and in tack!

Have I bought any more Filofax’s I hear you ask?  Well…………………..that would be telling wouldn’t it, time will tell!  You are probably thinking of course she has saying that, and you very well could be right, or I am just very good at pulling your leg!  LOL!  Let’s be honest, do I really need any more?


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