The great Filofax reveal……………….


Those of you who have followed my blog on a regular basis, will know that for 2011 I set myself a Filofax challenge!

It is, to use the same binder and diary inserts for an entire year, and if I do then I get to buy myself a Finchley Personal in Imperial Purple.  I am a quarter of the way there!  My current setup is a Personal Metropol in Raspberry, with Day Timer Flavia Day on one page inserts!  So nothing too fancy!

So after the Philofaxy meetup in March, having seen the wonderful object of my desire in person, I decided to check out Ebay to see if anything was available!

Well imagine my joy when I found a brand new Personal Finchely in Imperial Purple for the bargain starting price of £19.99!  The auction was scheduled to end at about 2325hrs, and as I go to bed at 2230, it was a case of bid and cross fingers, toes and everything else!  As I had already been outbid once, I thought there was no way I was going to win it, so I put in my maximum and went to sleep!

Imagine my sheer joy when I checked at 0030hrs to see if I had won and I had!  Yes, I woke especially to check, I had wanted to wake earlier but as I couldn’t really set my alarm to wake me – explain that do DH waking to check an Ebay auction – it really was just luck!

I WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh the joy and excitement, but it wasn’t to last!  It has taken over 11 days for the item to arrive, with some very strong emails being passed in the process!  But I have it………………………..

Isn’t she lovely?  That leather is just so gorgeous and soft and smells wonderful, and the cream inserts are just a dream against that wonder dark shade of purple.  Oh I am in love!

I have to say this was an absolute bargain and no way I could pass it up!  The shop price on the Filofax website is £83, lets just say I paid almost 60% less than that!  How could I possibly let it go by?

So am I using it, I hear you all ask?  How has it been setup?  Has it been setup?  Is it being put away till Christmas Day?

Why not stop by tomorrow and all questions will be answered!


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  1. Hi Sharon,

    this is a great bargain, indeed, and a lovely binder as well. Though I’m more the brownish one, I really love the colour. What I envy most are the front interior pockets – they are just great. Can’t wait until tomorrow to see what’s up next!


    P.S.: You’re right – might be hard to argue, why to set the alarm on midnight 😉

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I am so glad you won it for such an amazing price 🙂 Just to see if you will be using it immediately or waiting until the end of the year. I say use it now! Life is too short not to enjoy yourself especially when you work so hard.

  3. Congratulations, Sharon! Too good to pass up on, I couldn’t agree more. I hope you’ll use it right away, would be a pity to have it sitting in a closet…!

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