101Things-o-fax = #Filofax Part 6 – The Finale!


I hear that sigh of relief that this is the final part in the series!  But I bet you have enjoyed it?!

So the final binder thought is my ……………………………


Binder used – Pocket Hearts in Yellow!

Back in 2010 I came across alot of blog posts about 101 Things to do in 1001 days and I thought, WOW, what a cool idea.  I love challenges, goals, pushing myself that little bit further, and thought I need to do this!

So I did my 101 list and decided I needed to house it is a Filofax!  Yes I do have a blog about it as well!

My idea was that I would document my journey to completing my list and have a really detailed account of it all.

The binder is pretty much setup but I do need to update it and bring it right up to speed!  I need to print off pictures and write things, and this will be done soon!

But in the meantime here is the link to my blog about it :-


All these details will be eventually put in my Filofax and kept!

I am not going to ask for any suggestions on this one, but instead, is anyone else doing this challenge?  If so, please do put a link to your blog, so I can follow your progress.

Well this the final in my little series of what-o-fax can I think up next!

If you have any ideas for a Filofax that I haven’t mentioned, I am sure there are hundreds, please do leave me a comment with your idea, I would love to hear them!

Normal blogging will now resume, thank you for reading!


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