Gym-o-fax = #Filofax Part 5


How can she possibly have more Filofax ideas uses, I hear you groan!  Well I do!  Don’t worry there aren’t many more left after this one!  So there is light at the end of this series!

Part 5 and I am now going physical, healthy, and going for the ………………….


Binder used – A5 (I have forgotten and not got it to hand to check! Will update later!)

In January I started back at the Gym to help with the rehabilitation of my back as my main priority and once that is sorted to focus on some weightloss, if my mind was in!

By doing this I discovered there are certain exercises I need to do each session and in order to remember them, I need to have them with me!  They are not your standard treadmill, rower, etc kind of exercises, but more ones that focus on mobility etc.

I set up my Filofax to house the following :-

1. Yearly planner so I can see how regularly I attend the gym over the year!

2. Log in details to the gym website to book my sessions

3. Program details, noting the distances and times achieved in each session!  (although this did make me rather competitive with myself, so I am currently just going on time and trying to be better every session!)

4. PDF printouts of the exercises I need to do, noted in the particular order

5. Nutritional plan details – for when I get to that stage!

I am nuts aren’t I?  Do I carry it round with me I hear you ask?  Yes I do!  Have I had funny looks, yes I have, but when they realise why I carry it, those funny looks turn into comments such as ‘What a good idea!’

The A5 works really well for me for the gym, but please bear in mind my gym is small gym, where some mornings I am the only one in there!  It is no Fitness First and that is what I love about it!

So am I missing anything?  Wanna share some ideas on other things I could keep in here?  You know you want to!  Go on post a comment.

Tomorrow will be the final installment of this little series!  I do hope you have been enjoying it so far!


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  1. I am working on my food/exercise Filo at the moment. I have much of what you have, but also….

    1. statement of goals–need to track my progress in a concrete, measurable manner (or I may feel defeated!)

    2. an inspiration section with quotes and pictures that help me eat well/exercise.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas on your blog!

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