Family-o-fax = #Filofax Part 4


Wow, part 4, and you returned to read it?!  Welcome back!

So part 4, what I could possibly still have ideas about?  Well here goes :-


Binder to be used – A5 Zipped Metropol in Black (sorry don’t have a picture of it!)

I realise that running life on the internet is great ie Facebook, Twitter, etc, but when the internet dies, or your PC goes mad and looses everything, you can say bye bye to all your photo’s, documents and lots of stuff that would of been good history for further generations.  If you haven’t backed up that is!

So I decided at the beginning of 2011 that I need to make a binder that housed some of my family history, so that when Luke gets older and he wants to know about his great grandparents and the family I left behind in Africa, he has it all to hand!

I started with a simple family tree, off and have printed off the relevant documents and filed them in the binder.

So what am I going to store in it?  Here goes…………………………..

1. Family trees of all the families that I can provide history about also pictures and stories.  I don’t see the point of doing family, that I have never met and know nothing about.  So I have gone back as far Luke’s Great Grandparents, as I know I have photos and stories about all of them!

2. Snippets of history that only family know.  Like what I hear you ask?  Well my index finger on my right hand the tip has been cut off and I did that by slamming it in a door when I was a little kid.  No one knows that (except everyone that reads my blog now!) but my family, and now I want Luke to know that!

Have you ever thought how many memories are in your head that you never write down?  Well I want to write all mine and my families down.  I guess it comes from, Luke being able to see where Daddy (my husband) went to school, where he went to University, where he lived, etc, etc.  But for me he would have to fly 12 hrs to see it all, and then there wouldn’t really be anyone at the other end to tell him about it!  This way he gets it in a binder to keep forever!

3. Details of Luke’s birth, my pregnancy, etc, etc.  Just little things he has done in his life!

4. Details from his nursery.  Each day I get a sheet telling me what he ate, played with, when his nappy was changed, etc and that is nice reminder to look back on, as he gets older.

Come on this is going to be one binder I am sure loads of you have ideas for.  So type them out in the comments, as I would love to hear them!

Is it is just soppy rubbish I am doing?  No I don’t think so.  I recently came across a whole host of photo’s from my life in Africa and one of my tasks is to write on the back of each one the details of the picture, so in the future Luke and his family will have reminders, without having to try and figure out what the pictures are about!

Getting bored yet?  Ready for Part 5?  Check back tomorrow!


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  1. Best idea ever!!! When my grandparents died so much of their family history was lost also. I suddenly had so many questions left unanswered. I started to interview my mum and other relatives to try to get the picture complete again. Hadn’t thought about setting up a family-o-fax until I read this. Brilliant!

  2. I think this is an excellent idea, I think I will use my Personal Finsbury for this. I have some old diaries from the 1980s when my son was born so capturing this history is essential.

    Likewise some of the tales my Dad told me before his death about his family and my Mum about when she was evacuated during the war from Birkenhead to Mid Wales. Whilst I’m sure my son might not be interested in these small details they all go together to form your family history..

    Excellent I don’t feel quite so guilty about buying Malden’s with no intended use for them!

  3. I love this family-o-fax idea! Much more permanent than a spiral notebook or my memory. 😉 Besides, if it’s not written down, it really will be forgotten, changed, or minimized over time.

    I thought about a kid-o-fax per child–we have four–have to think on that. The Personal Domino comes in enough colors, at modest prices, to help to make it happen. I have a school memory book with pockets from, but the kid-o-fax could include other tidbits, memories, and the like. Hmmn…summer project?

    AND, I will email cookbook titles over the weekend for you–I did not forget. I wrote it down in my Filo. 😉

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