Book-o-fax = #Filofax Part 3


Wow part 3 already, what could I be deciding on today?

Well it is the………………………………..


Binder to be used :- Pocket Domino in Lavendar!

2011 has seen me take up reading again in a rather big way.  Ok, maybe not big to some, I have come across a lady who has already read 52 books this year!  Either she reads so fast, she can’t remember the story, or she really needs to get a life!  Once again I am going off track!

So far in 2011 I have read 1 book, tried 1 book and am about 60% of the way through my 3rd.  So it is going well considering we are only April 7th!  Will I be able to do a book a month in 2011, who knows!

I have however set myself the challenge of reading 6 books in 2011 and 50 books in my 101 things to do in 1001 days!

So why the Book-o-Fax?

Well I have loads of books that I want to read, and whilst I use to document my books, I don’t like relying solely on the internet for records.  The book-o-fax will be my backup of GoodReads details!

What am I going to keep in this one I hear you ask?  Well………………..

1. Book challenge details 2011

2. 101 Things challenge details

3. List books i want to read

4. Print pictures of the covers of each book, so I remember what they look like!

5. Reviews of the books I have read

6. Dates I start and finish a book

7. Which are on Kindle

8. Which are paperback copies

Do I need anything else?  Come on post a comment and let me know!

Are you enjoying the series, or do you just think I have totally lost the plot?

Going to tune back for Part 4?


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  1. 1. A list of books recommended by friends is part of my Gooseberry Domino. That way I remember who to contact regarding the recommendation. As if my sieve-like brain could remember all of that!

    2. I know you mentioned the Good Reads website–what about additional lists of books to read?

    for women:

    From the Guardian UK:

    for the wee ones–

    3. Author list. When I read, I end up barreling through one author’s catalog…i.e., all of Jane Austen’s work. Do you do that as well?

    Thanks for the post–such fab ideas!

  2. What a cunning plan. I got a Kindle for Christmas and absolutely love it. The only thing that concerns me is if I want to re-read a book i will have no idea what it was called, or I will have a list of books in my Kindle and have no idea what on earth they are about. Getting a filofax to store this info in will make life so much easier – I can print a copy of the cover and what it is about. Definitely better than relying on my memory (I have no memory, just a full time job and 2 young children…). And this gives me an excuse to buy another filofax – always a bonus!!!

  3. I keep a list of the titles I own in my filo, and a separate journal for keep track of what I’ve read, but I like the idea of a dedicated filo combining everything. Will definitely be incorporating some of your ideas, thanks!

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