Veg?-o-fax = #Filofax Part 2


The second installment of my give me more ideas is the :-


Binder to be used – Personal Domino in Grape!

Strange I know, but I have been a meat eater all my life!  Coming from Africa, there was nothing and actually still isn’t anything better than Biltong, Boerwors Rolls, Steak and Chips, oh the list, I could continue, but I won’t as am already having to wipe the corners of my mouth!

Anyway I digress!

My son is turning into a very big veggie eater, which is really odd as I love my meat (so I think) and he has always been given it.  However if I put it on his plate he eats all the veg and tends to leave the meat, or only have one mouthful!

Now, I can’t really raise my son on peas and rice!  Having been at the Philofaxy meetup in March (how am I going to link that into this post I hear you wonder), Jess from joint us and she is currently Vegan for lent.  It fascinated me and whilst I didn’t talk to her on the day about it, I did email and ask about it.

I just realised that as a family we don’t eat alot of exciting veg!  I tend to do the same boring stuff, and I wondered if Vegetarianism is the way to go?

I looked into Vegan and I think to start off with this may be too hard and strict so I am looking at Vegetarianism first!

So what is the Filofax going to be about?

Well this is what I thought I could keep in it :-

1. Details on each type of vegetarian, yes there are different kinds!  I never knew that till I started to look into it!  Yes I am uneducated in some areas of my life!  I am leaning towards, Pescatarian first, and then going full Veggie!

2. Society details, in case I really get into it and really want to join, but there websites are also good for just general info!

3. Important details – still to be decided what!

4. Menu plans – this will be huge because I will need ideas for each meal!

5. How to convert – hopefully a step by step plan with tick off boxes!

6. Recipes

7. Stockist!

Do I need anything else?

I really want to try a meat free diet for a while and see the benefits (if any) to me and my family!  It will be a long road I realise but one that I think will be enjoyable.

I do realise that being Vegetarian and Vegan is also about our environment, and the treatment of animals, but I purposefully stayed away from that, because I did not want to get into it on here.  I do realise there is a reason to Society why people don’t eat meat!

I know you may think I am nuts, and I probably am, but this is a lady who labelled her coloured pens, so she knew which one to write with!  I am an organisational freak and I like order!

I have bought the following 2 books to hopefully start me off in the right direction!

"Vegetarian Times" Vegetarian Beginner's Guide Living Vegan For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback))

Onto part 3…………………….

Don’t forget to leave any ideas, thoughts or suggestions here for me!  Again a final post will take place when the binder is set up!


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  1. You might add:

    –a list of books to read/cookbooks to peruse. There are oodles of books out there by some wonderful writers and cooks

    –websites/blogs to frequent–again, tons out there

    –101 reasons to go veg (pick and choose what to include in your Filo

    I have a ridiculous collection of family-friendly vegan and veg cookbooks–please let me know if I can recommend some to you.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. We’ve (husband and I) have been lacto-ovo vegetarians since August 14th, 2005. (although I’m practically vegan right now, but haven’t made the leap because I can’t give up my Greek yogurt! 🙂 Anyway, you can check out my Flickr food set for a few ideas, and if you want cook book suggestions, I have a couple that I recommend. My first cook book was Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison, and I think that is a great place to start, because it isn’t just recipes. She explains a lot of techniques that not only teach you how to make vegetarian food, and make it well, but make you a better overall cook in general.

  3. Books for veg cooking that I have found to be helpful include:

    Vegan with a Vengeance

    Vive le Vegan

    There are many more I could suggest. I hope your local library has a bunch on hand for you to skim through. Each cookbook as so many plusses and minuses to them.

    Hope the transition to veg is going well! Stay in touch, and take care.

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