Travel-o-fax = #Filofax Part 1


So those in my Filofax group who have gotten to know me well over the last few months, know that I have some really wacky ideas for Filofax uses!  Well I have now come up with a few more and could do with some ideas / suggestions!  I think I shall be spreading this over a few posts, so people can post individual ideas according to the ?-o-fax in question!

First off I have my daily diary, which I am pretty much sorted on and don’t really need any guidance with!

Metropol in Raspberry Personal Size.

Then comes my wildly famous and hugely admired (bit of honesty there!) Craft-o-Fax’s :-

Exhibit A – Craft-o-fax the first!

Exhibit B – WIP-o-Fax 2011

So those are my standard ones I tend to use on a daily basis.  But now I have thought up :-

1. Travel-o-Fax – completely original I know!

2. Vegetarian / Vegan-o-Fax

3. Book-o-Fax

4. Family-o-Fax

5. Gym-o-Fax

6. 101 Things in 1001 Days-o-Fax

Yes I really do have enough binders to get all these up and running and more if needbe!

I shall only touch on the first one in this post!

1.Travel-o-Fax(not original I know!) :-

Binder to be used – Urban Pocket in Slate

I like this binder for this option, because it has the full length pocket at the back :-

This pocket is great, because not only does it hold my passport but also the map for Disneyland Paris, really well!  The back zip on the outside is great for holding coins and notes, and of course there is the back notepad for quick jotting!

At the moment I have the current ideas of what needs to go in :-

1.  Travel Pack in the Pocket size, already bought and split down accordingly

2. Dates for travel, hotel details, itinerary

3. Must see and do list

What else do I need to include, besides the above?  Any ideas?   Do let me know!

I shall post pictures of the final setup when done!

Number 2 – have to wait for the next post!


3 responses »

  1. Emergency phone numbers. Like when your housesitter phones that the basement is under water you can give them (or ring yourself) the number of your plumber.

    Also, – if appropriate – medical data. Travel insurance police or number. Your Medical insurance number (plus phone number!). Car service number (for abroad).

    That said: I believe all these things are already included in your Travel Pack pages, aren’t they?

    Last year I used my Lavender Domino as Travelfax, but this year I’ll take my Personal Urban. Because of that nice zip pocket on the outside!

  2. How about some preprinted address and contact details (for yourself) to give to anyone you meet who you would like to keep in touch with? If you have business cards, you could put some in there in a suitable business card insert.

    Also how about a zipped pocket to keep small tickets and momentoes for when you get back.

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