Pilot Frixion Pens!


What she is now talking about pens!  Well yes I am!

As a child I collected pens everywhere I went and I ended up with quite a collection, even now as an adult I struggle to stop buying pens!  I love them!

Sorry I digress!  Pilot Frixion pens, have suddenly taken the Filofax world by storm, because of the wonderfully, comfortable writing position but also the ability to erase it with the end of the pen, if you make a mistake.

Most people I have come across tend to use the Ball which has a 0.7mm nib, and whilst I do like this pen, it is a little bit too thick for my Personal Filofax.  I tend to use the Ball in my work A4 Filofax, which has LOADS of space!

For my Personal I like the Pilot Frixion Point, which are just 0.5mm nib.  Yes 0.2mm makes a big difference in nib thickness!

As can be seen here!

Yesterday I ordered :-

The entire colour range of the Frixion Point as well as Red Ball pen!  Aren’t the lovely.

So how are you going to use them I hear you ask, you really only need one pen at a time, or do you?  I show you exhibit 2 :-

Yes they are all labelled now!

Blue – Luke

Pink – Sharon

Light Blue – Simon

Green – Household

Red – Finance

Purple – General

Black – Blog Posts

Maybe I need to ask for a Dymo LabelWriter for my birthday rather than a Kindle! LOL!

I know it may seem nuts, but when you are trying to organise a week at a glance, this is going to be so much easier!  As they have only just arrived I am yet to fill in my diary for next week, but don’t worry as soon as I have I will photograph it!

In the mean time I am awaiting the arrival of this :-

in order to carry the colours round with me!

For anyone that wants to get there hands on these pens, W H Smith do stock the Ball but only in Red, Blue and Black, for the full range of colours in both nib sizes do visit :-


There service is incredible!



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  1. I love all pens, but I have to say, I’m really loving my new GRAY Frixion (0.7 pencil-type). Yep – that’s with gray ink!

    My colleagues were laughing today about why I needed such a thing (as I was proudly showing it off!), but my answer cracked them up even more. (I need it for shading! Duh!)

    I still don’t know why that’s so funny. 🙂

  2. My order arrived yesterday for the slimmer pens and you were so right they are just fab. Also have to order 2 more of my favourite Orange colour standard nib Frixion too before it runs out.

    I’m sure you will love the pencil case it is just the right size…and as for your pen labelling – genius!! Can’t wait to see how the colour coding system looks on the page in action 🙂


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