Philofaxy Meetup – 26th March ’11


Saturday 26th March 2011 saw me attending the 2nd Philofaxy meetup in London.  I love these days out!  I get a day to myself, I get to meet new and old friends, I get to shop and most of all I get to indulge in an addiction, sorry two passions of mine, organisation and Filofax’s!

The trip to London was rather uneventful, although saying that there was a huge march taking place, so the trains were alot busier than usual, and I saw quite a few people with signs and banners heading to the march.  And as much as I wanted to shout at the ones with signs shouting at the Tory’s,  ‘We are here because of Labour stuff ups!’ I held my tongue!  I won’t be getting into Politics on here!

I arrived at Tate Modern in good time, about 1130am and took my seat outside the cafe to wait for everyone!  Ever had that feeling that you know people and you see them on the web all the time, but you wonder if you will actually remember them in person?  Yeah I was going through a bit of that.  Whilst enjoying my people watching, the alarms at the Tate went off and we were all evacuated for a good 20mins whilst they sorted it out.  Which was fine, as I soon found Kyla and the rest soon arrived.

I could rattle off now into how the day unfolded, however there are some excellent links about the day with photos here :

I love the fact that we meet at the Tate Modern first.  The food is always lovely, and it gives us a really good chance to get to know each other better, have really good conversations about our Filofax’s, life, family, etc.  It is amazing how much other stuff we actually have in common, it is great!

The walk from Tate Modern to Neal St is always a pleasant one, even if some people don’t wear walking shoes!  Looking at no one in particular Kyla! LOL!  You realise I am only jealous, as I wouldn’t ever be able to wear shoes like that!

Neal St once again didn’t disappoint and once again I admired my goal Filofax, the Imperial Purple Finchley :-

Isn’t she just beautiful?  But alas I have 9months to go and a challenge to complete before I can call her mine!

I was all set the buy the new Apex, until I saw it!

I have to echo CP here when she asks WHY?  This Filofax has to be one of the most uninspired ones I have come across and I can only think that the design is aimed at children, as no self respecting adult is going to want to use it!  Ok off my soap box now!  Been on that alot lately!

So did I make any purchases???????????????  At this point I really want to say ” Do bears s**t in woods!”  Of course I made a purchase!  But I was restrained and bought what I wanted rather than what I liked!

But in my excitement to sort out my Filofax setup on Saturday night I forgot to photograph it all!  So here goes, the list :

Travel pack in Pocket size (blog post to follow about the setup!)Travel Journal Pack

Multi fit jotter pad (thought I would give these a try for quick notes!)Click to view larger image

Week per page 2011 – now I know I am sticking with my DT Page per Day but I really miss not being able to see my week in full view, so I had to get these as well.  So yes I am now using both layouts and they are working great!Click to view larger image

Zip lock envelope – but realised I don’t like the zip when I got home!Click to view larger image

Large assorted sticky notes (have always wanted and needed one of these!)Click to view larger image

To do (for some reason I am not liking the cream ones and so needed some white ones!)Click to view larger image

Not that much really is it?

I won’t go into the nightmare that was my journey home, but let’s just say I was very happy to finally be back on Suffolk soil by 7pm after the journey I had.

As for the meetup, all I can say is ‘Steve, when is number 3 going to take place?’ LOL!


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  1. Thanks for the post and the pictures. I love the jot pads and the sticky notes, too, and use them a lot. Especially the jot pads are really useful for me. Excited about your post on the travel pack.

    Kind regards, Thomas

  2. I also like the white Todo’s better than the cotton. I think it’s because I like the square check boxes better than the round ones of the cotton pages …

    Oh, and you just answered my question to your new post (about the Flavia pages) 😉

    About the Apex: I’ve checked FF UK to peek at the inside layout and it’s not even up to the Domino standards. It only has ONE card slot on the left! And if I get it right, you need to unfasten the elastic from back to front (not from front to back like e.g. the Mode), which seems so unnatural to do?!

    I guess you are right and it is targeted at students (with a lean budget) or even highschool kids …

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