Craft-o-Fax Update! (at last!)


Some of you will remember my beloved Craft-o-Fax that I set up last year?

Here it is in all it’s glory, bursting at the seams!  Yes my lovely Red Domino A5 is packed to capacity and more!

So I thought that 2011 I needed to be better organised and after bidding on another A5 on Ebay I won an A5 Black Identity!

It really is rather uninspiring but actually I still really like it!  I set about setting it up straight away, and this what it is looking like now :-

The inside front cover!

List of 2011 Crafting Goals!

Section 1 – contains all my knitting patterns of projects I want to complete this year.  I have a today marker placed on the pattern I am currently working on and mark the pattern where necessary as I go!

Section 2 – is for my crochet projects!

Section 3 – has pictures of all my cross stitch projects that I am doing in 2011!

Section 4 – has a list of all the books I want to read, not necessarily in 2011 but I am hoping to make quite a dent to it this year!

Section 5 – houses my sewing projects that I want to make, not a lot in here to be honest, only about 3 but that is enough!

Section 6 – has a copy of 101 things to di n 1001 days list, as well as patterns I have completed I take out of the relevant section and house here.  There is also a pad of paper, some empty to do lists and quadrille paper in this section!

Finally at the back I keep a knitting book called ‘Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters’ just in case I need to check how to do something, at least I have the reference on hand rather than  having to go search for it!

So that is my Craft-o-Fax no 2!

Hope you like it, or at least the sound of it! LOL!



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  1. Hi Sharon
    I love your dedication and imagination with these sorts of things. Also the goals you set yourself. I was rubbish at setting goals for myself to achieve when I worked full time. It wasn’t the sort of job that you could predict the work load or set goals.
    Great to see your new Craft O Fax looks great

  2. Hi! Does your new identity have larger sized rings than your domino a5?

    I love the idea of a craft-o-fax 2!!!

    • According to the Filofax website they both have the same ring size. The Identity ensures I can’t overfill due to the closing mechanism compared to the Domino!

  3. Hello! I was searching blogs for a Domino setup to get some info on buying one myself.. I did a search on just images and the top pic with your Domino STUFFED drew me in!!! I want my FF to be just like that! all chubby and full of stuffs! lol
    I wanted to see how things looked like as a set up, I wish FF shops on line would show more photos of them in use! Especially the insides.. But seeing this photo I’m ordering me the Domino.. I know this post was about a year ago and wondering how things are going with it? I’ll take a gander around your blog to find out =0)
    I’ll be following your blog by RSS .thank you!

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