WIP / Stash update!


Seems ages since I last did a stash / WIP update, however there is now  a page dedicated to my 2011 craft finishes, and a box down the side with my current WIP’s in!  Loads I know!

2011 is going quite well for me in the WIP department, at the moment I am finishing about a project a month, which is great, but I am now about to start on some pretty large projects, so I expect that to reduce now!  But we shall see, as I still have a lot of smaller projects that I want to do!

January saw me add to my fabric stash yet again!  Why I am not entirely sure, but I saw this fabric and just fell in love with it!  Wouldn’t you?

Aren’t they just lovely?  The crayon pattern I wanted to make Luke a pencil and colouring book folder to take on holiday, if I can before June!  The car one was to make him a car track, but he will probably be 21 before he gets and the others, will I just liked them!

Hmmm what other stash have I bought?  No yarn that is for sure, really surprised by that, but I have so much I need to work through it and whittle it down before I start buying more!

Cross stitch, well I just couldn’t resist this lovely kit I saw on Ebay in February :-

Isn’t it adorable?  Just another African themed kit to add to my already enormous stash!  I have my eye on just 2 more African themed kits and then I am done, till of course I see some more! LOL!

So not that much stash buying, which I am rather happy about, now to carry on working through it!

Anyone have any ideas on what to use the fabric for, please do post a comment, as I would love to hear!



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