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I bought my iTouch back in Sept ’10 and it really has been one of the best purchases I have ever made!  I LOVE IT!

So when a friend of mine did a blog post about the Apps he has on his, I thought would a good idea and borrowed it!  If you want to read his blog, you can find it here :

Here are the apps I use (very photo heavy!) :-

This what my current home screen looks like.  The plastic cover is another great purchase.  I got it from a merchant in Peterborough.  The one thing I really did not like about the iTouch was how fragile it felt, and slippery.  So I wanted a silicone cover and this is great, it really feels alot more secure to hold now!  Anyway I am not here to talk about the silicone cover!

I tired various layouts to begin with and I found that having a number of pages with different apps on just didn’t work for me.  So I decided to keep it to one page and use folders, and I have to say this layout is REALLY working well for me!   So my home page consists of the following folders :-












Schedules & Lists





Then the main apps that I use on a daily basis, App Store, Mail, Google and Safari browers.

I am now going to break down each folder and give a brief description of each app!  Very photo heavy again!  Sorry!


Kindle – I use this every day, until I buy my Kindle.  I downloaded it to see if I actually would use a Kindle, and I have to say I love reading books this way!  So yes, I will use a Kindle!

GoodReads – the app accompanies the website and for anyone that reads, you HAVE to go and sign up!  It is awesome and I love it!

Potty Training – yes I got this app for potty training my son.  Can’t say I have read it, but I will one of these days!

MAENewYear – not sure why I downloaded this app, as I haven’t even looked at it! LOL!

Stanza – again, must of see this app somewhere, and downloaded it, but don’t actually use it!


Christmas – this app was ok, it lists all the items you need to or have bought and keeps  a record of your budget etc!  Both apps do this!

Sleeps Lite – counts down the days to Christmas!


For some reason I have quite a few clock apps and not sure why!

Stopwatch – I downloaded this app, so that I could use it to try and limit my internet time etc, by using the timer! Can’t say it works for me, but it is good!

Alarm Clock – I needed an alarm app and I got this one, it is really good, but I have to say the screen is so bright at night that I tend to switch off my Ipod overnight and use my trusted bedside clock.  However this will be great when we are away!

Nightstand – is pretty cool it keeps the time available to view through out the night, but again I don’t really use it, but would be great for those that need to know what time they wake during the night!  Not something I tend to suffer too much with!

Cuckoo – I LOVE THIS APP! I bought this app, because I tend to get so absorbed in the things I am doing that I forget what time it is.  This app shouts out the hour every hour for the duration you set.  So mine starts talking from 8am and mentions every hour till 6pm.  It is great!


I have to say that whilst I have craft apps I don’t actually use any!

Ewe Stash – you are meant to be able to list all your stash on this app, which is great, however as I use Ravelry for all my knitting and crochet stash, I don’t tend to use this, but maybe one day I will list it all on here as well!

FabricStash – like the app above but for Fabric!

Stitchulator – this app is used to calculate how much fabric you need for cross stitch designs!


You Tube – standard app came already loaded on the iTouch.  I do tend to use this quite a bit, as I am sure most people do, viewing You Tube!

Videos – this app has been an absolute life saver for me!  I downloaded some episodes of Luke’s favourite shows, and now when he gets bored and we are out I can just put on Mickey Mouse, or Postman Pat, and he is quiet!  I love it!

Photos – says it all really!

Camera – again does what it says, is the Camera!

Camera+ – this app was suggested to me, and as yet I have still not got my head round it, but I need to play a little more and get a better understanding of it.  Most reviews of it, have been very good!


Natwest – such a great free app if you run a Natwest account.  Gives you all your statements on hand!

Accounts – is my spending and income tracker and I love it, it really is a great app to use and really easy as well which I love!

Budget – this app is great, if you budget each month and want to track how close or on track you are to your budget.  I really do enjoy this app, as it really highlights where I tend to over or underspend!


Self explanatory really!  Everyone needs games!


My health apps are a bit hit and miss and I am trying to find the perfect companion for the various health journeys I am going on.  It is proving to be rather hard, as I just can’t find what I want 100%!  So the testing continues!

Shape Up, Pure Life Style and Track ‘n Tap – are all calories counters and whilst they are each really good, I find the lack of UK products a really frustrating element and also the fact that some I can’t change the portion sizes to exacts of what I eat.  So I don’t really tend to use them right now!

Fitness – this a Bupa app, that has various fitness regimes on it that you could follow if need be.  I haven’t used it, but it is a good reference when needed.

Nike + GPS – this is a great app if you have the Nike+ trainers as it registers the distance and time that you ran or walked for and if you register on the Nike website you can also set yourself goals etc.  Well worth it!

Get Running – this is the best C25K app I have come across.  It is pleasant to look at when working and is great because it tells you when to walk, and when to run, and when the warm ups and cool downs are taking place!

MyFitnessPal – this app accompanies the website, but I am still to get it the routine of filling it all in!

Target Weight – great app for tracking your weight and where you need to be!  Yes that 59 does mean I have 59lbs to loose!

P Tracker Lite – is an app for us ladies out there!  Can’t say it is great, but a fun, different app to have!


Standard Apple Apps that come with the iTouch.


Salary Calc – is a great little app if you are wanting to check the NI and Tax that you should be paying, along with if you ever get that increase and want to know how much better off you are going to be!

Currency – great for checking current currency rates!

MyCarCheck – lets you check the history status of your car, although you do need to buy the full app if you want ALL the details!

PDFReaderLite – great free app for being able to read various PDF files

WordPress – if you want to blog on the go, a good app to have! Can’t say I use it much as I struggle to blog regularly, let alone on the go!

Stocks, Maps and Weather – standard Apple apps that came with the iTouch, don’t really use any of them!

Tumblr – can’t remember why I downloaded this app, or even what it does! Sorry!


Various recipe apps that I downloaded because they sounded interesting, but to be honest I haven’t used one of them yet!  But good to have and maybe one day I will!


I honestly thought I would use more of these apps, but honestly I don’t as I tend to use my Filofax for all my planning, lists and schedules, but these are nice to have!

ListPro – is a really detailed list app, that seems really good, but I am yet to get my head round as I tend to pen and paper lists!

Ancestry – a great app if you are wanting to track or do your family history.

ContactsXL – I do like this app, I just wish I didn’t have over 600 contacts to go through to sort out!  Maybe one day I will get them done, as I don’t have 600 contacts in my Filofax that is for sure!

Week Cal – this is a great app for being able to see your weekly diary, and the recent update has made this app even better!

HomeRoutines – for anyone that follows Fly Lady this is a great app for that.

aNote Lite – great little notes app, but not used it to its full potential yet!

Alarmed – is  a good app if you have alarms you need to remember throughout the day, ie, take medication or drink water, stretch etc, etc!


Every girl needs some shopping apps!

I would be lost without my Ebay and Next apps!

The Tesco grocery app is quite good as you can scan in the products you may have in the cupboard that you need to stock up on rather than typing it all in, however I found the scanner hard to use and I wouldn’t pay for groceries via the app, as not sure how secure it is!

Amazon UK and Rightmove are just apps I have and would not say I use them often, if at all!


My favourite folder!  I love my Social folder, and you may recognise alot of the apps in here!  Since taking this photo I have swapped Twitter for Echofon and definitely prefer it!

I have yet to really use PingChat, FaceTime or Get Glue but maybe one of these days!

I ALWAYS tend to be using Facebook, Echofon and Skype!


Rather a variety of Travel Apps, and some are really good, like the London tube one and the London A-Z.  I haven’t used the others, but are nice to haves!

Road Trip LE – seems a great app for monitoring your fuel consumption and spend, I am enjoying this app, quite  abit!


This houses most apps that I am not sure where to file them!

Most of them are standard Apple apps, Clock, Calculator, Voice Memos, Notes, Contacts, Calendar, Settings.

Sky+ – is an app I can use to program some progrmas when away from home.

Free Wi-Fi – is meant to tell me where free wi-fi is when out, but from what I can gather you need to set up the various areas, BEFORE you leave home!

BTFON – doesn’t work for me, so I say is rubbish!

Convert Units – great if ever needing to convert various measurements!

Battery – I LOVE THIS APP.  Great little app for monitoring your battery life of the iTouch.  Am seriously considering upgrading to the full paid app!

So that is it!  All my apps, listed, photographed and shown!  Sorry it was rather photo heavy, but hopefully you have enjoyed this post!


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  1. How did you get the wallpaper behind the apps? I can set wallpaper on my Touch, but it only shows up when I enter my code to unlock the screen.

  2. When you go to settings, wallpaper, select the wallpaper it gives you the option to Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen or Set Both.

    I always set Both.

    Hope it works for you!

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