Filofax Pens!


I have 5 obsessions in life :-




Cross Stitches


So when the WWW went a little mad recently about pens being used in Filofax’s and quietly read in the background and made my lists!

I ended up with 3 that I really liked!

1. Frixion Ball 0.7

2. Frixion Point 0.5

3. Pilot G-tec C4

However after using them I have realised that my order of preference are :

1. Pilot G-tec C4

2. Frixion Point 0.5

3. Frixion Ball 0.7

Here is how they write :-

Yes that is my Flavia notepaper!

The 0.7 nib is too thick for my liking and really isn’t working the filofax for me.  I do use it in the A4, as I tend to write bigger in there, but certainly not in my Personal.

The other 2 work well in my Personal and neither bleed through the pages, however I have to see the Pilot G-tec C4 is the BEST.  It writes so fine, and I just love it!

So much in fact I am about to go and buy some other colours in it!  I would seriously recommend it, however you can’t rub it out!

So I am back to using pen in my Filofax and if I need to cross it out then so be it, life changes!  LOL!


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  1. I LOVE the Frixion Ball pen. I use the 0.7 in my Filofax. I have the tendency to scribble with finer pens, this “fatty” improves my handwriting. Plus, I don’t think the 0.7 is that fat to begin with. I love that you can erase it, should plans change!

    BTW, your Flavia sheet reminds me that you haven’t yet shared your current setup. How are the Flavia refills working for you? I love them for the colorfulness!

  2. Yeah for sticking with our chosen system for the year (as we tweeted/committed to earlier this year)!!! I am using daytimer Flavia leaves this year (Mo2P & Do1P) and Pilot G-2 0.7mm gel pens in 7 vibrant colors – I love that these Flavia sheets can handle the Pilot pens without bleedthru!!! Normally, in a mechanical pencil, I prefer 0.3mm or 0.5mm lead but I don’t seem to mind the 0.7mm gel pens for the Flavia paper – it seems to make my handwriting rounder/fatter & certainly more colorful! Such fun!

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