New Bags!


I have a real thing for bags, like I think most ladies have!

I decided I needed a new bag in Feb, as I was off to London in March and wanted something that could carry everything!  Even though I ended up using an old bag and 2 is besides the point.

So I bought …………………………..

It is from Boden, they had a 10% and free delivery offer running and is Peony Satchel.  I do love it, but not good enough for carrying stuff for DS for an entire day!

A few hours yes, perfect and even more perfect as a Sharon bag, rather than a Mummy bag!  I love the colours of it!

So I continued my search and bought this one :-

It is the Blue Bird Print Shopper, and yes I do like it, but I have one huge complaint!  I don’t understand how you can have such a big bag in today’s society without a secure closing!  Anyone can pop their hand in and steal your purse!

So I have taken off the strap that makes it a shoulder bag and put a clasp that brings the two rings together and makes the bag very secure and more useable!

I am still in search for the ultimate bag and think I always will be!

But saying that………………………my family are going to the States in April and one place they are visiting is San Fransisco, and anyone that knows SF knows of Rickshaw Bags, and yes I am getting one!  Can’t wait!

I am having it custom made and I place my order end of this month for them to collect in April!

Here is there website incase you haven’t heard of them :-

I am getting the Medium Zero Messenger bag, and I can’t wait!

What bag do you use for your daily life?


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