2011 Ebook Challenge


I came across this by mistake when I was searching the web for details about the Kindle.

Basically you set yourself a goal of how many books you want to read in 2011 and depending on the number you fall into a category!

I am sure if you Google ebook challenge, something will come up!

Anyway I decided to set myself the challenge of reading 6 books in 2011.

It isn’t alot I know, but when I haven’t read an entire book for years, it is quite a challenge.

But hopefully a challenge I will succeed at as I love challenges!

I am already onto my 2nd book in 2011 but don’t get too excited, the 1st one I am not really counting!

I started Room by Emma Donoghue, and I really struggled with it.  Here is a link to an article about it :-


It is written through the eyes of a 5yr old and the English, Grammar, general jist of it, I really did not like.  So after 62 pages, I gave up and start :-

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl!


For anyone that hasn’t read this book and is struggling to loose weight, go and read it!  This is my 2nd time and I am enjoying it even more than the 1st!  The way Shauna has written it, it is so easy to read, doesn’t tax the brain too much and is the perfect book to read just before bed.  Please note I am in NO WAY saying you will get bored and fall asleep quickly!  I just mean it is fun, easy, light hearted and a pleasure to read!

Talking about reading, I joint a website last month called GoodReads.  Ever seen it?  Well if you enjoy reading and want to find like minded people, head on over there and sign up!  It is awesome!  The app for the Itouch is pretty darn cool, and I spent one evening just scanning in all my books that I have to read, as well as those I have already read!  I LOVE IT! It is like Facebook for book lovers!


Do find me if you decide to join and friend me!

I am certainly trying my hardest to get back into reading each day, and so far so good!  I read a few pages, albeit on my iTouch each night.

Which brings me onto my next WANT!


I have ummed and argh’d about them for ages, but have finally decided, after using the Kindle app on my iTouch and really only reading books that way, that I need to get one!

So I am going for the 3G version with the Amazon lighted case.  I know the case is £50 BUT the light is built in, the Kindle is securely fitted in the case and whilst the light is drawn from the Kindle battery all the reviews I have read have said it doesn’t really affect the battery life.

My next big purchase will be a Kindle, and it will be bought by birthday in May, in time to use on our holiday!


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  1. Hi. I bought a Kindle last month and I have to say it is fantastic. Get one, you won’t regret it.
    I’ll have a look at goodreads and look out for you.

  2. I LOVE my Kindle. Got mine 2 months ago. Husband has had his 2+ years and is still enamoured of his. Almost everyone says it makes you want to read more, and you DO! And faster, if you can believe it. The only “down side” that I can see, if you can call it that, is that you never want to read anything else. The magazines are piling up since my Kindle got here, and my husband let all magazine subscriptions lapse…

    Just followed you on Twitter, will look for you on Goodreads. Found you via Plannerism’s retweet of your Filofax pen post.

    BTW, hi! Nice to “meet” you.

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