Dr Who Experience, The Disney Store and Hamley’s!


March 12th is my husbands birthday and so for his present this year I decided to take him to London for the day and to the Dr Who Experience.  He is a huge fan and I thought it would be perfect.

We decided to take Luke with us, as the show guide did say children under 5 needed to be accompanied by an adult, we thought it would be ok, and it was fine, he was just scared in one section!

So we got the 909hrs train down to London and Luke was really well behaved on the train, considering it was his first time and it was about 1hr 15mins!  We were both amazed and proud of him!

Crossing London is not the easiest thing to do with a buggy, but we managed and got across to Olympia.  When we arrived there was a queue outside and I thought oh great.  Our entrance time was between 12 and 1230 and we got there about 1130am and I was hoping we would be able to get in early, but on seeing the queue I soon realised that would not be possible!

However, the queue moved pretty fast and by the time I went and changed Luke and got back to Simon, he as already at the front and waiting for me to come down!

So we got in at our start time of 12pm.

The show / experience was pretty amazing.  I am by no means a Dr Who fan but I have seen the show and so do know what it is about and who some of the Dr’s have been!

On arrival we collected our tickets and made our way through to the walk through experience.  There was a queue to get into it, but by the time you had viewed some of the costumes, looked at the Daleks and some other scenes, it was time to go in.

The walk through was pretty cool, and we got spoken to by the Dr, got to walk through to the Tardis, and yes it really is that big inside! and go on a mini adventure!  It was loud, noisey, had flashing lights, daleks and everything else you can expect from Dr Who, but it is great fun!  Not sure Luke would agree, he was pretty scared!

We then came out the other side and then walked through a section that had the costumes from all the Dr’s from 1964 to current day, as well as a Tardis, a setup of the art room in Wales, all the monsters, and some other bits, finally finishing at the shop!

The whole thing took about 1hr 30mins and we took it slowly.  I think overall Si enjoyed it, but I think Luke was glad to escape!

We left there and went straight to Pizza Express for some lunch, before heading off to the Disney Store in Oxford St.  Oh my goodness, that store is amazing but how crammed was it with people!

Coming from little Suffolk, walking into London shops is somewhat overwhelming!  Luke was in awe and headed straight for Toy Stoy and Cars!

Needless to say the little boy got some pretty lovely treats, but he wasn’t too spoilt!

We then took Luke to Hamley’s and I have to say I was actually disappointed in it!  The Disney Cars section was a piddly little section of about 2 rows with stuff on and nothing great!  We did managed to get him a Mack truck which he loves!

The other thing that really annoyed me with Hamley’s was the lift situation or lack of!

Hamley’s – biggest toy store in London and how many lifts do they have…………………..2 did you read that right let me tell you again TWO!

How stupid and badly planned is that!  Most people who visit have a buggy and you are not allowed to put buggies on the escalators, so have no option but to use the lift.  Also the lifts only take 3 buggies at a time, provided they are compact ones!

We never stayed long and literally bought Luke his toy and left.

By which time we had to catch our train home anyway.  So we hopped in a taxi back to Liverpool St!

Overall it was a lovely day.  My back was sore but nothing near as bad as it has been on previous journey’s to London.

It was good to know that Luke was so good and handled London so well, as we won’t hesitate to do it again now!

I never managed to take many pictures, as trying to balance bags, buggy and camera just doesn’t really work!  But here is what I did take!

Luke and S posing by one of the billboards showing us the way!

By the Dalek, except Luke was more keen to watch the Dalek, than the camera!


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  1. It looks like you all had a great time! I am scared of Dr Who (I havent got over my fear of the daleks from since I was little)…….. I am a real scaredy cat. My little nephews laugh at me when I am hiding my face!

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