2011 Goals


2011 is going to be the year that I achieve!!!  What you may ask, well I have a number of things on my 101 blog (http://sharons101goals.wordpress.com/) that can only really be started on Jan 1st, that will take the whole of 2011 to complete.  So they shall be tackled!

Along with that I have signed up to the Crazy January Challenge (http://shazascrazychallenge.wordpress.com/) that is starting Jan 1st and runs for the whole of 2011.

As I have so many work-in-progress’s I have decided that 2011 will be the year that I complete these WIP’s!  They can be seen here https://shazzastitching.wordpress.com/2011-wips-challenge/

I am also attempting the following New Years Resolutions :-

1. Complete a spending diary for 2011.  At the moment my purse is a Mini Classic Filofax (I will blog about it!) with a week on 2 pages diary format that I shall record my money in!

2. Saving pennies!  In the past I have tried to save my £2 coins, but actually that is quite a bit of money each time I put them away, so in 2011 I plan to put all 1p,2p,5p, 10p and 20p in my piggy bank!  Wonder how much I will get?

3. Read more books!  2010 saw me read more blogs than books, but in 2011 I want to change that!  I need to get back into my book reading, and so I am hoping I can make a dent in my very long ‘Books to be Read’ list!

Not many but I am hoping all achievable!  I shall be documenting my progress throughout 2011 so do check back!


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  1. Happy New Year!
    I’d love to know how you get on with your reading list. in 2010 my resolution was not to buy any more books until I had read the ones I already had. I didn’t do badly, just bought a couple of books, and have discovered some books I had bought years ago and forgotten about!
    Best wishes!

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