Christmas Presents


Another Christmas is over and as I look back, I do actually wonder, what all the hype is about, where did it go, how could it pass so quickly?!?!

Luckily Luke never woke too early, and after a spot of breakfast we led him into the lounge to see what Santa had left him.  In hindsight, Santa’s gifts maybe should of been given last, as we could not get him to open anything else, for a while, he was so taken with the 3 he had opened!  Let’s just say we got there in the end after alot of persuasion and bribery!

I never did too badly actually.  Here is what I got :-

Pinking shears from my parents, and the threads are from Luke.

The threads have a bit of explaining to them!  Back in August, whilst at the Festival of Quilts, I signed up to a Block of the Month, called ‘A Quilter Lives Here’.  Anyway, I needed the threads in order to actually sew and quilt it!  They had been on my WANTS list since then and seemed a good Christmas idea for someone!  So thank you Luke, you made Mummy very happy!

My parents also bought me a bottle of Beautiful by Estee Lauder.  I do love this perfume!

My in-laws bought me Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen book!  I have really gotten into her style of cooking etc, since watching the TV show, so I really wanted the book!  I can see some scrummy meals in our future!

Another thing I really like is a design called Crazy Daisy, and so my Brother bought me this :-

It is so perfect!  Jumbo cup and saucer!  The cup holds my scrummy Mocha coffee each morning and the plate is large enough to have my toast on!  Such a lovely design to make me smile each morning!  Thank you Bro!

Finally, Simon, after much persuasion bought my ……………………………….

Click to view larger image

A5 Filofax punch!  It has been used so much since getting it!  I love it!

My brother and I cooked Christmas lunch, I just love spending time with my brother in the kitchen, preparing food!

The table before the food!  Recognise the placemats?

Ready to eat!

Overall a lovely Christmas Day!  Roll on the New Year, but we shan’t be doing anything special, will just stay indoors and see the New Year in at home in the warmth, with a bottle of Vino!


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