Trifle Tuesday!


I happened to mention to a very good friend of mine, that one of things I really want to achieve is to make a trifle from scratch!

This all came about because I happened to say I was going to buy one for Christmas, to which she was horrified and said I could make one!  Shock and horror was all over my face at first, but I soon came round to the idea!

After receiving some wonderful instructions from her, I planned to full fill my challenge today!

With Luke at Nursery, I stopped by Tesco on the way home and stocked up on supplies!

My morning turned out to be really productive, here is what I made :-

Look good?  How about this :-

I am rather chuffed with myself, but in fairness, how hard is this really!?!

Base is sponge fingers, tinned fruit – drained, raspberry jelly, ambrosia custard and double cream, all topped off with crushed flake!

Tasting will take place after dinner tonight!

Another thing I have wanted to try is to make cupcakes and today I made some!  Ok, so they are from the Betty Crocker range, but let me tell you even a box can go wrong!  I will next time try them from scratch as I am more confident now to give it go!  Here is my end result :-

Look good do’t they and they taste pretty scrummy too!

My Tuesday has been another rather productive day!  Wrapped the last of the presents, wrote out all the family Christmas cards, washed all the sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers for 4 beds, tidied my kitchen, ran the dishwasher twice and then pottered around in the afternoon!

Wonder what Wednesday will hold?

One thing on top of the list is floor washing!  Yes I need to wash my kitchen floor tomorrow but I am actually wondering if worth it, with all the visitors that are about to descend on my house!

Shall see how I feel in the morning! LOL!


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  1. I think you need an ‘official’ trifle tester, one who will give you an honest and independent opinion on your trifle making ability.

    You should be aware that testing your trifle making skills on family members isn’t a true test… you should test these things on an independent tester first… this person or persons should have a love of trifle like you have never seen before…

    The normal process of trifle testing is rather involved, you might think that a tester can judge your trifle making skills on one small bowl. I’m afraid it takes more than that… trifle testing is all about what your creation tastes like after the second or possibly third bowl of said trifle.

    It will not surprise you I suspect that I can offer my services to you as a trifle tester, sadly I’m rather fully booked between now and Christmas!!!]

    I can also offer you my opinion on cakes… being as ‘nutty as a fruit cake’ I am a specialist in all things cake…. Sadly this also accounts for my body shape and size but it keeps me in demand as a stand in Santa at this time of year without artificial padding!

    Enjoy your trifle I’m sure it will be far far better than anything you can buy in a shop…

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