How did I spend my Monday?


Well this is the first day off I have had for ages, where I actually don’t have to do any work, and I don’t have to feel guilty for not working and it felt wonderful!  Admittedly I did send off 1 work email and make 1 call, but I can live with that!

So what did I do I hear you ask?  I was meant to go to a Beauty Salon this morning for a treatment but with the weather being as it has been, and the roads being like ice-rinks, I decided to instead stay safe and stay home!  I dropped Luke off at nursery, then came home and set myself up on the sofa, that lasted a whole 20mins before I got bored!

Having done a few chores I started preparing my charts, threads and fabrics for the Crazy January Challenge that starts Jan 1st!  Did not expect it to take all day, but it did!

All threads had already been ordered and so had the fabric, it was just a case of cutting the fabric to the required size, laminating all the charts and marking the centre of all the fabrics!

Yes, that took all day, and I loved it!  I am now officially ready to start!

Laying out the laminated charts, waiting for them to cool down!

Sorting out all the materials, fabrics, threads etc!  They will be stored in my quilt holdall, so I have all the projects in one place and can just pull them out as I need them!

Doesn’t this look cool?

So that is my Crazy January Challenge all setup and ready to go!

Tomorrow I will tackle the house cleaning and chores, or maybe I will do that on Wednesday! LOL!


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  1. Hehehe can’t wait to see your progress pics on the Challenge Sharon. And if I was you, I would leave the housework as late as possible cos someone will just come along and mess it all up again before then.

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