All things Christmassy!


Here are all the things Christmassy around our house!!  Is Christmassy even a word?  LOL!

Our Christmas Tree!

Not the best picture but a lovely village scene, complete with moving train for Luke!

Luke’s Christmas stocking!

Large Christams stocking, but currently being used as a decoration as the presents are all too big to fit in it! LOL!

Luke’s advent calendar, however he does not like the chocolates I put in it, so Simon and I are going through them!

Our placements to be used on the day!

So all in all a rather homemade Christmas I would say, except for the presents!

What do you think?


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  1. I hope you did a risk assessment before taking those photos from such a height above your desk!!! 😉

    And poor Luke doesn’t get the chocs he likes in his advent calendar, having to watch Mum and Dad scoff the lot!!!!!!!

    But that said, they are very nice things you have made for Christmas, so you can be let off…. I suppose!


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