Christmas 2010


How did it get to being December so damn quickly this year?

I am pretty much sorted, however I do have a few concerns!  Feeling rather smug for having done all my shopping online by Dec 8th, I am now STILL awaiting the arrival of some orders!  Everyone seems to blaming the bad weather, which I can appreciate, however I struggle to understand when I don’t really have bad weather by me!

So I keep my fingers and toes crossed that the balance of my gifts arrive this week, otherwise those missing gifts will be getting proof of purchase receipts and told to wait!  Oh dear!

My other concern, is that my family are due to travel down to me on Christmas Eve, however with this bad weather they are predicting I am hoping they make it ok, and I also pray we are able to make it to M&S to collect the Christmas food on the 23rd!  Otherwise it will be bangers and mash for Christmas Day lunch this year with Cranberry and Bread Sauce with Christmas Mince Pies and brandy cream for dessert!  Sounds delicious!  LOL!

I am looking forward to Christmas Day as Luke is now old enough to understand and I can’t wait to see his face when he sees his present from Father Christmas!  Of course he will only be getting it if he is good!

Luke fell in love with this village scene in the shop so Si decided to buy it for him!  Here it is lit up!

What do you think?

Last year when we took Luke to Father Christmas it really was not a pleasant experience and he just screamed, so this year we were a little bit worried we would have the same reaction!  Wow, what a difference a year makes!  He was having a great chit chat with Santa this year!

My little boy is growing up!

7 sleeps to go!


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