Crazy January Challenge


So a friend of mine, happened to mention on her blog about a Crazy January Challenge she had signed up for!

Seeing as I love a challenge and there is not size restriction I decided why not!  It may actually help me get back my stitching mojo!

So what is the challenge I hear you ask?  The idea is that on Jan 1st you start a kit or chart, and each day after that till the 15th of Jan you start a new one.  So on the 16th you have 15 WIP’s and those WIP’s all need to be completed in 2011!  Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

I spent Friday and Saturday sorting out the charts and kits I wanted to stitch as well as a list of all the threads I need to buy.  I am almost there!  Just got a few threads I need to order, and prepare the fabric and I am ready to start!

What am I going to stitch?  Here you go!

I have always wanted to ride in a Hot Air balloon, but being afraid of heights I feel this is a dream, that will remain that, a dream!  This chart just makes me smile each time I look at it!

I just love the saying!

Can’t do a challenge like this and not have  a touch of Africa!  A large design I know but seeing as I only really have 2 large designs, am hoping I make some good progress on it!

I have a large version of Lions which is pretty awesome but for this challenge, this is going to stretch me as there is alot of backstitch!

I have always loved Winnie the Pooh, but have never stitched one!  So when I saw this and that is was the 4 seasons, I thought perfect!  However it does mean I need to go and buy the proper WTP threads!

These 4 flowers are so vibrant and cheerful that I thought I could stitch them and then frame all 4 together and create a picture that way!

Many years ago when I was in my teens I visited Holland and fell in love with the fields of tulips, so it only seemed appropriate that I should stitch this!

Lizzie Kate designs are a firm favourite of mine but I never really get to stitch many!  So when I saw this, I thought, perfect for Christmas 2011!

I just could not not have included this!  Seeing as it was designed by a lady from Zimbabwe, my home ground and of course it is the Mighty Victoria Falls, so has alot of memories for me!

Those are my 15!  I never realised that each one had a meaning to me.  Not that I mind but I wonder if this is how I make most of my choices!

So what this space, the needles starts stitching on Jan 1st and ends Dec 31st, lets hope all 15 are done in that time.  Oh, and none are changed!


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