A5 City Filofax


I have recently been trying to follow the Fly Lady and get my house out of Chaos as well as my life!  Interesting challenge!

One of the things she does is get you to great a Control Journal!  A what you ask?  A Control Journal!  Somewhere that keeps track of all your daily, weekly, monthly routines as well as important dates, numbers, account details etc!

Perfect for a Filofax wouldn’t you say?

I had tried to arrange one in a personal but the size was just wrong, so when I won this off Ebay recently, I knew exactly what it would be used for!

Lovely looking isn’t it?

The inside cover says City – not sure if it is leather or not.  It has 7 card slots on the inside left cover and a back pocket,  the back just has a pocket.  It never came with any inserts, but it did come with :-


Today ruler

Tabs 1 – 6 in blue and grey

Jan – Dec tabs in Cream

and some paper inserts

It is currently set up as follows, but bear in mind as this is a work in progress, expect lots of changes!

Tab 1 – Vertical Year Planner – 2011

Tab 2 – Week on 2 pages inserts – 2011

Tab 3 – Expenses (record of grocery spend etc)

Tab 4 – Lists (not sure which lists yet!)

Tab 5 – currently blank

Tab 6 – currently blank

Monthly tabs, I want to record all birthdays, activities, chores etc that need to be done in that month

A – Z tabs – Supplier details ie gas bills etc!

This will be a long term work in progress, but once done I think it will be pretty awesome when it is done!

Just wishing that Santa brings me an A5 filofax punch for Christmas as I will certainly be needing it, come January!


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  2. I’ve been struggling with creating control journal for a really long time. Today I resurrect the old one at the back of the cupboard and start on my control journal! Thank you!

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