Metropol Personal Filofax


The Filofax meetup in London in November has alot to answer for with me!   Whilst I was there I really admired all the wonderful leather personal Filofax’s but to be honest the one I really wanted was £100, and at the moment that is not in my price range!

Not only that the amount of times I change my Filofax, I begrudge spending that sort of money for it to be shelved within a few months.

So I set myself a little challenge!  Use the same binder and diary for an entire 12 months and then in Dec 2011 I will buy myself the Filofax of my dreams!

Which mean’t I needed a new binder now to carry out this challenge!  To be honest, after seeing everyone else’s binders, I missed not having a clip on the front of mine, the strap on the Domino was just not doing it for me, and I also decided that I missed not having a back notepad and I wanted 2 pen loops.  I settled for the Metropol in Raspberry.

Now I know this isn’t leather, but I actually really like the feel of it.  The finish inside could be better, but for the price I can’t really complain!

Isn’t the colour adorable!   This picture really doesn’t do it justice!

I also really like the fact that the credit card slots are sideways, for me personally makes it easier to write on!

The back notepad is great for me as well, as I tend to jot notes as and when I need to and then file later!

See the two pens fit really well!

And here we have it working!

I will be writing again about it in January when I have my Day Timer inserts in and am all setup for 2011.  Then I will do a full run down on how I am using it etc!  So check back!


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  1. Also jealous of the two pen loops! That’s the only disadvantage of the Malden: it has only one pen loop!

    BTW, if you crave a leather planner, always check on ebay and amazon aswell. They usually sell a lot cheaper there than on the filofax webshop …

  2. So bright and beautiful. I really love the Flavia inserts!
    I shall have to feature my pocket metropol which is my inspiration filofax at some point. The metropol is my least favourite as something about the finish gets to me but after seeing yours I think I like mine again! :-)) And you are right, for its price you cant complain!!

  3. I love your set up!! Funnily enough I’ve purchased this exact same filofax for the same intention! This made me want to call Officeworks and drive them nuts about how long it’s taking to ship to me! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about how it is working for you 🙂


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