Day Timer Refills


The one thing I find really hard with Filofax is finding refills that will work for me!

After much research I decided that my refills for 2011 will be the Day Timer Portable.  Yes, contrary to what the man at Day Timer said, they DO fit the Personal sized Filofax!

I ordered the Flavia range which, simply put is just pretty!

As I am currently using a day on 2 page format :-

it does seem to work well, however I can’t carry many months around with me, which really does trouble me!

So now I am going to try for 2011 :-

Week on one page AND

1 page per day!

AND I can’t change diary refills for the entire year, that is my challenge!

So what does the Day Timer refill look like I hear you ask?  Here you go :-

Aren’t the colours lovely!  I just realised I never photographed the actual page to show the layout so will need to be added later!

These are the monthly tabs!

That is the one great thing about these inserts, that Filofax just don’t do, or haven’t cottoned onto!  We want our months tabbed!!  No inserts from Filofax are tabbed per month and you can’t do it yourself and the first and last day of the months are printed back to back so it just doesn’t work!  These I LOVE!

This was my purchase before I unpacked it all, I just love that front cover of the tree!  The pink pad to the left of the picture is a to do list, that does not cover the days date!  What a great idea!

Pretty cool isn’t it!

I will post again in the new year when I have been using them for a while, but in the meantime I think they are lovely!


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  1. I will actually be using the 2PPD inserts from Filofax, that you show in your top picture. Along with it I use 2PPW for appointments and general overview. I never carry more than about 1 month of daily pages, since they are only for the indepth planning with todo’s being entered the day before.

    I love those Flavia inserts, too! I actually bought them in Desk size a few months ago, then repunched the whole lot to fit in my A5 Filofax (the repunched pages look absolutly horrible!). Unfortunately, I then stumbled upon a Personal Sized Crimson Malden and feel in love …. which lead to the transition to Personal format.

    Wish you lots of fun with your new inserts! I’m also planning to stick to the chosen format! Let’s see how we succeed!

  2. This post has been really helpful. I also struggle with the Filofax diary inserts, and end up with lots of little bits of paper stuck in to get my to-do lists in my diary. I didn’t realize that the Day-timer inserts fitted a personal Filo, so I have just bought some 2PPW inserts with the to-dos on them. Thanks!

  3. PS. Forgot to say, I love the different backgrounds on these inserts, really nice to have something to look at rather than just plain pages. Have you seen or used the wellness inserts? I thought they sounded interesting. 🙂

  4. David, they are also available in Germany ( You might also wanna try, where I found them for a much better deal (lower postage costs, and shipment to the Netherlands within only 3 days!).

  5. Oh! I have the 2011 daytimer portable flavia inserts! I got the month on 2 pages, week on 2 pages, and day on one page. I tried a day on two pages (daytimer flavia portable) in 2009 but that didn’t really work out for me. I only ever use the filofax personal/daytimer portable size since that works for me. I have to see what leaves/formats fit my life in 2011 …. Good luck and enjoy yours!

  6. I have used the Day-Timer portable in the Filofax binder for years… especially after my Day Timer binder finally fell apart. The combination of fillers I use is the 2 page per day (and I use the Flavia because I like the format and I was tired of the green) and I add a Day-Timer “Pocket Advanced Planner” calendar that is meant for the wire bound version, but it has the entire year (actually 18 months) in a little stapled notebook. It fits in my Portable binder on the left and provides the view ahead (or back!) that I can’t otherwise get.

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