Philofaxy London Meetup – 20th Nov


Plans for a Filofax meetup must of started in about August / September time if I remember correctly.  When I first heard about it, I jumped at the opportunity to join in something that to me was different!  Sounds strange I know so let me explain!

I often meet friends off the internet that I have been chatting with etc, but never have I meet people off Twitter.  I realised we all had at least one common interest, but I wondered how well we would actually get on!  Would we have other things to talk about, or will the entire day be about Filofax’s?  As much as I love my Filofax, and believe me I do, could I survive a whole day?  Wasn’t gonna know unless I gave it a go, so I did!

Friday 19th I was so excited, I booked my train tickets and spent a good few hours, organising my travel, I am a nightmare unless I have it all planned, and of course sorting out Filofax’s to take with me!  Yes, we were gonna do a show and tell!  So I packed :

Craft-o-fax – A5 Red Domino

Persoanal Domino in Grape

I know this is the Pocket Domino in Lavendar but I wanted to show you the colour, as I took the Mini with me, to show everyone the size!

So those were my 3 for the day!

As it turned out my travel plans were not going to be as smooth as I had hoped, as there was engineering works as well as underground works once in London.  I was getting excited, nervous and just generally anxious!

Saturday 20th arrived, and I was ready, backpack packed, Filofax’s loaded, tube maps marked and highlighted, I was sorted!  I got the 1008hrs train out of Ipswich and arrived in Stratford just after 12pm.  I couldn’t get a train directly into Liverpool Street so I had to catch the underground, which actually turned out ok, as I got on the Central Line and went straight to St Paul’s.  I never realised that Tate Modern was so close to the underground station, so the walk was not as worrying as I thought it was gonna be!

Passing St Paul’s Cathedral there was a lovely wedding car, and a couple having their pictures taken!

Such a lovely car and ribbon had the date on it!

I arrived at Tate Modern at about 1pm, and meet up with Steve and his wife Alison, pretty quickly actually.  I’d say within about half an hour we were a group and ready to sit.

I am not going to go into too much detail about the meal, but if you want to read about, because they were pretty awesome, here are some links to other blogs, from people who attended as well :-

The one thing that really amazed me was just how easily we all got on, and actually how many other interests we had in common!

The Filofax’s made an appearance between main course and dessert and we really had to keep an eye on the clock as we did get a little carried away, but the way others use them is always of such intrigue and interest, and the ideas you come away with is just great!

I am not going to duplicate all the photos, but these really just explains all I want to say!

After much admiration of everyone’s filofax’s we ate dessert, settled the bill and headed off to the Filofax store in Neal Street.

This was the first time I had ever been to a Filofax store and ‘WOW’ it was truly amazing!  The variety, choice, refills, leather, bags, choices was just amazing and I was not sure where to look first!

Isn’t this just heaven?

I wasn’t prepared in terms of a list or anything, I knew I need to get some refills but I had promised myself I would not buy any binders!

Oh the temptation was rife and I did almost buy a Pocket Waverley that was reduced from £160 to £40!  But I left it on the shelf.

I did get some refills though :-

My goodie bag, isn’t it lovely!

So what is inside…………………………………..

Yes there are few refills but they are maps, website address details, pads of paper, addresses and a week on 1 page diary, as well as :-

This was placed in a separate goody bag inside the nice big bag!  Squeal!  A pocket heart filofax!  How I use it shall be revealed in a future post!  Lets just say I have found the perfect use for it and I love the pastel inserts!

We left the shop at about 545pm and I can’t express how much fun I had.  Luckily I managed to get the earlier train and so got home in time to see Luke before he went to bed.

On reflection, would I do it again – definitely!  Do I regret anything from the day – yes, forgetting to sign the visitors book!!  Best thing of the day – meet such lovely people and forging some lovely friendships!

I know this post isn’t in as much detail as the other’s I have posted, but I didn’t want to duplicate everything, but I do hope you have enjoyed reading it.


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  1. It was so wonderful to meet you too. I was inspired by your craft Filofax and loved the mini as it was too cute for words. I am looking forward to another meet up hopefully in summer as it would be great to see you again 🙂
    The waverley was beautiful so I admire your self control!

  2. It was such an exciting and fun day and lovely to meet likeminded people. I was inspired by your craft-o-fax and have just received an A5 Domino to use as my Quilt-o-fax. I will start that in the New Year. Lovely to meet you, I can’t wait for the next meet up. I too was surprised that we all had so many other interests in common and more to talk about than just Filofaxes. I would have loved to spend longer chatting. I also forgot to sign the visitors book, next time!

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