Advent Calendar!


Remember this guy:

I finally attached the relevant tags to the top in order to hang it up for Luke, ready for 1st Dec!  Which it was!

However on Monday when he came home from Nursery, I left him to play as I normally do and I realised he was awfully quiet, so I went to find him.

The little monkey had taken 4 of the chocolates out of the bottom row, eaten them and put the wrappers back in the pockets!  He is 2.5yrs old how does he know to do this!!!

When I asked what he was doing, he just chuckled, rubbed his tummy and said ‘Yummy chocolate, Mummy!’ how can you get cross with that, oh and of course this face!


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  1. Ah you haven’t learnt our trick…. don’t put all the goodies in on day one, we used to only put ours in a couple of days in advance! Then the little devil won’t eat them all!!!

    Kids don’t just love them….

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