Halloween / Bonfire Night


I know I have already mentioned the pumpkins we carved for Halloween, but I decided to do another post about it!

If you remember, my brother came and stayed the weekend before Halloween and we carved 3 pumpkins for Luke.

Remember these guys?  Well I was really disappointed with how long they actually lasted before going all rotten inside!  They were carved on Saturday and by Wednesday I had to throw them away!

So I made Luke another one!

Rather happy with this one considering I had no pattern and did it free hand!  It took pride of place on our front step on Halloween!

Now, trick or treaters, we had at least 50 and actually ran out of sweets and had to start rummaging through the drawers for other options!

Luke really enjoyed seeing all the costumes and giving out the sweets, but I will say, parents do need to teach their children manners.  When someone opens the door to give them sweets, they DON’T step in and just help themselves, they should wait until they are offered and given!  That really wound me up and I did tell a few kids off!

Then along came Bonfire night and Luke enjoyed seeing the fireworks going off round the house, so we decided to take him to a firework display on the Saturday night.  Hmm maybe not such a good idea!

This was the bonfire, before the firework display and Luke really liked watching the flames.

Then the fireworks started!

And we left!

And watched them from the car!

Yes, that is right, my son was so scared he wouldn’t even look at the sky, so we left about 10mins after it started and sat in the car and he was fine to watch it from his car seat!

Funny boy!

Then on Sunday night there were more going on outside our house and he was in his element!  Well he would of been, because he was in his house, safe and sound!

Needless to say, we still enjoyed the whole Halloween / Bonfire experience!


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