Chilford Quilt Show


Saturday 6th Nov, my dear friend Cheryl and I headed off to Chilford for the Autumn Quilt Festival.

I went last year on the Friday and have to say I hated it, it was so crowded, that I struggled to walk through with Luke’s buggy and the comments etc made for taking Luke were just awful!  Anyway enough about that!

This year I decided to go on Saturday and leave Luke at home with Daddy.

Cheryl and I set off at about 830am, and were at Chilford by 10am.  The drive was easy and uneventful.  When we got there, the first thing I noticed was that the car park had moved, and this time rather than parking in the large field car park, I could actually park in the normal visitors one.  The queue was really short and we must of waited about 10mins only, which was a welcome relief.

When we got inside it really was a welcoming shock!  There were no queues and we could move and better still we could actually get to the counters and browse!

Normally when I attend a show, I am really careful about what I buy, if I will use it, do I really need it, etc, etc!  This time, I decided, if I like it, I will buy it, end of!

So what did I get :-

I got some Christmas fabric for a Christmas Tree Box workshop I was attending, some road fabric, some animal alphabet fabric, Jolly Jungle by Makower, some patterns and of course the lovely book!

I was and still am thrilled with my purchases, and here they are close up!

Those are my Christmas fabrics, they are even more gorgeous in real life!

Here are the other fabrics :

I have the Jolly Jungle range as I am hoping to make Luke a quilt at some stage, but I had never seen this print, so I got a fat quarter of it, to make a brag book actually of Luke, again at some point!

One of the things I wanted was some car fabric for Luke, as I saw one a blog I read, a lady had made this carry all, actually this link may help explain it :-

I thought this would be great for Luke but made to accommodate cars etc, what do you think?

I thought this fabric would be really good for a brag book for Luke from birth!  It is just so cute!

I just fell in love with the wall hanging and had to have it.  It is actually a kit with everything I need, so really just need to get my sewing machine out and make it!

This hanger is for the above kit to be hung on when finished, isn’t it just adorable?

Isn’t this just the most adorable bag and needle holder you have seen?  I just love the red work, and had to have it!  Can’t wait to make them!

I saw this book in an Australian Homespun magazine and fell in love with it, and so searched it, as I really wanted to look inside, so to see it at the show, you could not prize it out my hand, I loved it, and hence why it is now mine!

As you can see overall I did have a good time and do hope to be able to make it to the Spring Festival in March ’11 but I am not sure as it falls on the same weekend as Hubby’s birthday!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing my purchases!


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  1. I’ve been very naughty, and bought some Christmas materials to make a Christmas quilt with for 2011. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours!

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