Domino Filofax’s


I have become a total worshiper of the Domino Filofax!  The versatility it gives me is just great!

As you would of read before I first had the Personal Domino in Grape as a Christmas present in 2009.  Is lovely and came with the Family pack, which soon got binned, as I just could not get on with it!  That Filofax is now a Recipe-o-Fax and gets used almost daily!

I then got the A5 Domino in Red and that has become my Craft-o-fax, which is working a treat for me as I can has SO much paper in it and it keeps it!!!!

Then I decided I really NEEDED the Pocket Domino in Lavendar, and so one just fell into my basket one day whilst online browsing!

Isn’t it lovely?

Look at the difference in thickness between the Domino and the Urban, I can’t believe it!  My Pocket Domino is packed, and is still looking thinner than the Urban, when that is half full, and it is so much lighter!

So how do I have it set up?  Well at the moment it is :

Diary – Wo2P – French version as it has appointment times!

To do – long term to do’s and blog entries I need to write!  Also has a list of the books I want to read and things I want to do in 1001 days!

Xmas 2010 – details of Xmas, ie, presents I need to get, cards I need to write, food I need to buy!  General plans, ideas, etc!

Wants – list of all the things I want!

Health – Meal Tracker for Slimming World along with all the details to do the Extra Easy plan!  Idea is to start it tomorrow!

Tab 6 – Details of the Post card crossing website I am a member of, and details of all the postcards I have sent, distances, photo numbers and date sent.

The address tabs have all my addresses of friends and family as well as other details I need to keep in alphabetical order.

The plastic wallet at the back is housing my stamps and airmail stickers!

I may have just found the perfect Filofax for me!  But that does not mean I am still not admiring the Malden or Finsbury!

I have always wanted a Mini Filofax to try, and managed to get a Mini Domino!  This will be short!  It is too small, to be of any diary use, and whilst it is lovely, it is now my notebook and nothing more!  But still, I love it!



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  2. Have you already blogged about your Recipe-o-Fax? I would love to see how you set this one up!

    I am also planning to buy a Domino in A5 and to use it as a Craft-o-Fax 🙂

    • I haven’t yet blogged about the Recipe-o-Fax as still in the making, it sort of works, but I am sure I could do better! So watch this space! LOL!

      The Craft-o-Fax is working great, and I love it and the Domino in A5 is THE perfect Filofax for it! Let me know when you have yours set up would love to see layout, pictures, etc!

      • I’m sure I will blog about it 🙂 But definitely not before Christmas as I am hoping to get the Domino as a christmas gift 😀

  3. I agree. The Domino is the best for a craft-o-fax as it can hold lots of stuff because of its elastic band. And the A5 has 2 pen loops. Look forward to seeing more posts on the craft and recipe filos 🙂

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