Centre Parcs – Sherwood Forest


Ok, so this post is almost a month late, but hey ho, at least I am doing it!!!

Monday 27th September, Simon, Luke and I went to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest for a week.  I had been looking forward to the break for so long, as I really did need some time away!

The weather that week was not good and we probably only had 1 day when the sun shone, but actually it was fine!  It was not bad enough to not let us do anything, so we just carried on!  Being so child friendly, we were able to do most things with no problems of being wet!

Luke had a rather busy schedule while we were there as I wanted to make sure his days were similar to his normal week if he were home!  So he mainly had activities in the morning, followed by a rest and chilled afternoon then dinner out, and it seemed to work a treat!

Luke took part in :

Make a Memory

Children’s Entertainment

Teddy Bear Picnic


Tinies Tumble

and Fun with Play Dough

Us adults on the other hand had a treat to the spa!

Entrance into Centre Parcs!

Entrance lodge where we collected our keys and booking details!

Lounge at the lodge

Luke rolling out the cast for his Make a Memory!

Luke making sure he gets a huge cuddle from Ruppert the Bear!  He literally stalked him and would not let him out of his sight!

Kisses for Ruppert!

These trolleys are a great idea for the children!  Luke loved pushing it round and filling it up!  It literally was as he put it in I took it out!

Human ten pin bowling at the Children’s entertainment session!

Family picture

Enjoying a cooked breakfast!

The lake area where you could do a whole range of different boating activities, next door to the Pancake House!

Tractor Boy!

Luke tenpin bowling.  He really enjoyed it and even beat Mummy and Daddy on the first game!

Our lodge!

Overall it was a lovely break, but there are few things I think that Centre Parcs could do slightly better!  For instance, they know that they have children there, so why not invest in children’s cutlery and plates and dishes and cups?    The activities, need to be run on time, children can’t wait around for 15 / 20mins!!!

However I say that, but no doubt we will be back next year as Luke just had THE best time!



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