Brother’s visit


Last weekend, my brother came and stayed, which was just awesome!  He hadn’t been down for a good few months and so I made sure our weekend was busy from start to finish!

He arrived on Friday, and Luke was in his element to have Uncle Gavin to stay! Saturday we went and watched Luke play Little Kickers, although he never really did too well!  Did not realise at the time but he was in fact, and still is teething, all 4 very back teeth, so no wonder he was and is grouchy!  After LK we then went into town to look at Christmas present ideas and generally have a wonder round.

The afternoon saw us carve pumpkins, something we have never done and I really wanted to do this year for Luke!  Here are the results of our efforts :

My effort, not happy with it!

Gavin’s pumpkin!  Pretty awesome I thought!  Can certainly see the who has the artistic talent in the family!

Here are the final pumpkins!  After thinking my small middle one was pretty dyer, I decided to do a second, which I think turned out pretty well!

I was really happy with them all and I managed to keep them going for about 4 days and then in the bin they went!

Sunday, we went into Felixstowe to have breakfast at The Alex, which is always nice, even if the service is tremendously slow!

Luke waiting for his breakfast to arrive!

Gavin playing with my camera, taking some pictures of Luke!

Overall a great weekend, and I can’t wait to have him to stay again, and to be honest I think Luke may be more excited!



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